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October 19, 2015

Growth in Home-schooling in Australia

By Stuart Chapman

Home schooling continues to grow steadily in Australia with a 6% increase from 2013-2014.

Numbers of students registered for home education by State and Territory



  1. The figures obtained in this table were obtained from Annual reports or by contacting the various departments in each state and territory.
  2. Every state saw a growth in home education numbers in 2013–2014 except NSW. NSW is widely recognised as the most difficult state for home educators as one is supposed to get approval prior to commencing.

    There has been an increase in documentation and compliance requirements in NSW, which prompted the 2014 NSW parliamentary enquiry into home education and the fall in numbers.

    It is hoped that the NSW government will pass legislation to recognise the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which the Australian Government is a signatory.

    This will allow parents to home educate without having to follow an out-dated one size fits all curriculum which does not meet the needs of the modern world.

  3. Victoria has the largest number of students who are home educated and is recognised as the easiest state to home educate.

  4. Tasmania has the highest per capita rate of students home schooled being 1% of the school population.

  5. Queensland recorded the largest percentage increase (55%) for a state within the 2011–2014 time period.

  6. Western Australia has the highest mainland state rate of 0.63 % of the school population being home educated. Figures for 2015 are also available showing a 14% increase since 2014, to 2826 students registered for home education. This represents a spectacular 56% growth over four years.

  7. NT and ACT have both significantly grown in numbers although from a much smaller base.

  8. Australia wide, about 1000 more students were home educated each year over the survey period.

  9. There are also a large number of students whose parents chose not to register for home education. Estimates range from an extra 10,000—50,000 students. This author believes the number to be closer to the lower figure and falling.

Stuart Chapman is the founder and director of Homeschool WA, the CEO of Homeschool Christian College and the Australian Representative of the Global Home Education Conference. He is the father of five children who were home educated.

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