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September 16, 2008

International Homeschooling Theme at HSLDA Leaders Conference

International homeschooling was an important theme at the 21st annual HSLDA-sponsored leaders conference held in Niagara Falls, N.Y., where among the 600 people in attendance 12 countries were represented.

Representatives from Germany, Canada, Australia, Kenya, Lithuania, Norway, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, South Africa and South Korea spoke to the conference attendees on the state of homeschooling in their countries. For the most part, the news was encouraging as the homeschooling movement appears to be continuing to grow rapidly all over the world. These representatives expressed a common theme in their gratefulness for the freedom to homeschool their children and for the way the homeschooling movement has been able to grow in spite of attempts by some national governments to curtail it.

Hubert and Melissa Busekros were invited to speak about their experience in Germany. The conference attendees heard from Melissa about how she had been taken by the police twice from her home, held in a psychiatric ward and then at a foster home. She also described her escape from the foster home. Mr. Busekros told about his firm resolution to fight the authorities for the freedom to homeschool. The Busekros family, as well as all the international speakers, expressed their deep appreciation for the support of HSLDA and its members for their constant encouragement and support over the years.

Although the reports from the international speakers were encouraging, constant threats remain to the freedom of homeschoolers in many countries. HSLDA is pleased to be able to support homeschoolers all over the world and to provide American homeschool leaders an opportunity to hear from their counterparts from all parts of the globe. For more information about HSLDA’s involvement in international homeschooling please visit our website.