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Homeschooling Thru High School
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Not everybody goes to college—and that’s okay! If your teen’s interests or abilities don’t seem to point toward a college education, start exploring the many other options available to him. Consider trade school, an apprenticeship, or a combination to personalize your student’s career preparation.

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Back in the early days of our country, apprenticeships were common means of training for a particular career. Sons worked alongside their fathers to learn the family trade. Nowadays, apprenticing remains a viable option for post-high school education and training. You may want to have your son or daughter work with a businessman, a craftsman, or tradesman to learn the skills necessary to pursue a particular vocation. These arrangements may flow naturally out of a high school employment situation, or you and your student may have to do some investigative work to set up an appropriate apprenticeship. Check with professionals in the trade or industry that your student has voiced an interest in, pray for the right opportunity, and then set aside the appropriate time for your child to work with someone who is qualified to train him in his desired field.

Testing for aptitudes / interests
Trade schools

Whether your student’s interests lie in business, health care, the culinary arts, automotive repair and maintenance, real estate, or travel and tourism, there is likely a trade school or business college in your area that will equip her with the skills, certificate, or degree necessary to enter and succeed in her chosen field of interest.

Training Opportunities