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Homeschooling Thru High School
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You Can Homeschool Thru High School Videos

“I enjoyed watching Carol and Diane’s videos. You both have such a calm, reassuring demeanor which is so encouraging, and I thank God for leading me both to your page and to your voice this week! May God continue to bless your work!”—Gwen E., HSLDA Member

1. Transcript Preparation Tips with Diane Kummer

What is a transcript and what information is typically found on a transcript? Diane Kummer, one of HSLDA’s High School Consultants, answers these questions for homeschool parents. Diane walks you through the main sections of a transcript and gives tips on how to create a professional looking transcript for your homeschool teen.

2. Developing a Four Year High School Plan with Carol Becker

If you have questions about the courses homeschool teens should complete prior to high school graduation, join Carol Becker, one of HSLDA’s High School Consultants, as she outlines plans suitable for teens interested in entering the workforce, considering vocational school, pursuing military enlistment, or applying to college.

3. High School on the Horizon with Diane Kummer

The best time to plan for teaching high school at home is when your child is in the 6th – 8th grades. Join Diane Kummer, HSLDA High School Consultant, as she provides helpful information to introduce you to the idea of teaching your teen. Teaching high school requires a steep learning curve, but you’ll gain confidence as you discover many resources HSLDA has pulled together to help you succeed.

4. Home Schooling High School—A Mighty Endeavor with Carol Becker

During high school, parents have a unique opportunity to invest significantly in their teens’ lives.  Carol Becker, one of HSLDA’s High School Consultants, encourages families to consider homeschooling during these pivotal years.

5. Recordkeeping for High School with Diane Kummer

Keeping good records of your teen’s high school course work and extracurricular activities is essential. What records should you keep? Why are these records important? Diane Kummer, HSLDA High School Consultant, walks you through answers to these questions and offers simple recordkeeping tips to track your teen’s high school progress.

6. Electives versus Extracurricular Activities with Carol Becker

Frequently, homeschooling families have questions about the difference between electives and extracurricular activities.  Carol Becker, one of HSLDA’s High School Consultants, explains how both can work together to develop your teen’s talents, abilities, and interests. 

7. Career Possibilities for Teens with Carol Becker

Helping homeschool teens pursue a career suited to their gifts and talents is a wise investment. Carol Becker, one of HSLDA’s High School Consultants, gives tips to help teens actively participate in this process.

8. Evaluating High School Course Work with Diane Kummer

Assessing your teen’s academic skills and retention of course material may seem a bit daunting! In this video, Diane Kummer, HSLDA’s High School Consultant, provides helpful suggestions for you to use when evaluating your teen’s work so that you may award grades with confidence.

9. Tests for College-Bound Teens with Carol Becker

Often homeschooling families find the maze of tests for college-bound students fairly intimidating. Join Carol Becker, one of HSLDA’s High School Consultants, for an overview with suggested guidelines about when to take these tests.

10. Evaluation of High School Credit with Diane Kummer

Determining credit for high school courses is not a difficult task. Diane Kummer, HSLDA’s High School Consultant, describes three methods to evaluate credit and offers helpful resources.

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