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Homeschooling Thru High School
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Beginning To Home School

Beginning To Home School

High school graduation marks the end of your teen’s childhood and opens a new chapter as he or she enters the adult world. Whether your teen is headed into employment, the military, college, or another endeavor, we encourage you to “Celebrate Graduation.” Here are ideas to make the senior year memorable, links for graduation supplies, creative ideas for celebrations, documents to finalize (transcript and diploma), and ways to recognize honors students. These resources can help you finish well, and your graduate will be ready to take advantage of every opportunity life offers down the road.

College Admissions

College Prep Materials



Conference Info & Tapes


Distance Learning

Driver’s Ed


Extracurricular Activities

Financing College

Free Publications explaining student financial aid and helpful websites:

Gap Year

Honor Societies


Learning Challenges: Special Needs

If your child struggles with learning, the following resources will provide you with help. In addition, HSLDA members may download a more comprehensive list of the resources that Betty Statnick, HSLDA's Special Needs Coordinator, recommends.

Learning Styles

Library Aids





Parent/Teen/Family Resources




Preparing Students for College

Publishing Students’ Work


Visit our recordkeeping page for information about what records to keep, how to maintain them, and recordkeeping services.


  • Generation Joshua Summer Camps
    • Weeklong teen camp offered during the summer
    • Inspiring lectures/discussions presented by nationally known speakers in the civil and political arenas explaining how you can impact the nation for Christ
    • Includes fun and relaxing activities such as horseback riding, arts and crafts, hiking, swimming, and more
  • Patrick Henry College's Teen Leadership Camps
    • PHC Teen Camps (14-18 yrs old)
    • Provide leadership training to high school students
    • Learn to apply Biblical worldview to issues of today in fields such as journalism, intelligence, and constitutional law
  • Probe Ministries (Dallas, camps in Arkansas)
    • Weekend Mind Games Conference
    • National Student Mind Games Conference (week long)
    • Preparation for the challenges of your faith
    • Worldview thinking skills
  • Summit Ministries (Colorado & Tennessee)
    • Teens learn how to understand ideas and answer major challenges to Christianity
    • Develop a Biblical worldview
    • Challenged to become leaders
  • Worldview Academy
    • Non-denominational organization helping Christians develop a Biblical worldview
    • Worldview training
    • Evangelism, Apologetics training, Servant Leadership training


Study Skills

Encourage students to adapt the following resources to suit their needs. Dual-enrollment and college prep students will find the college resources quite useful.

Study Skill Resources Available for Purchase

Free Online Study Skill Resources


Time Management



The teenage years provide an opportunity for your teen to begin a lifelong practice of serving others. These sites will provide you ideas on where and how to begin.

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Policy regarding resources listed by our Homeschooling Thru High School program:

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In general, resources listed must be of value to a substantial number of homeschoolers and cannot be overtly anti-Christian or anti-HSLDA.