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Homeschooling Thru High School
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Before High School

One of the things on many parents' minds these days is high school. To some, the thought of teaching chemistry, trigonometry, or literature at the high school level makes them want to steer for the nearest exit ramp. They wonder if they can prepare their own children for college, careers, and the responsibilities of adulthood.

We want to assure parents that homeschooling a high schooler doesn't take special training, but it does take dedication and the right resources. HSLDA is committed to helping our members find the right resources for a successful high school journey.

In fact, homeschooling through high school could be compared to a road trip across America. The speed limit varies from state to state. There are high and low points along the way. Fuel, road maps, travel games, friendly advice, and other resources are readily available. Once-in-a-lifetime memories and unexpected vistas may be just around the bend. And a tremendous sense of satisfaction is felt upon reaching the destination.

So here's a Homeschooling Thru High School travel kit we've assembled just for you!


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Frequently Asked Questions
    This memo contains helpful information on how to plan a high school curriculum, whether college is in your child's future or not.