Originally Sent: 3/29/2016

March 29, 2016
Michael Farris, HSLDA Founder

Our advocacy for homeschool students often extends beyond graduation.
Michael P. Farris

1. College Grad Needs GED to Join Police?

College Grad Needs GED to Join Police?

The Ithaca Police Department ignored the college achievements of two homeschooled applicants and told them to come back with a GED. Read more >>

2. Saved Us a Stamp: Rumor of HSLDA Letter Stops Discrimination

An Alabama city told a homeschooled applicant he couldn’t get a job without an “accredited” diploma. Read more >>

Remove the stress from high school transcripts

3. Shear Discrimination: Why Trade Schools Brush off Homeschool Graduates

Homeschool diplomas are good enough for Harvard, but technical institutes can’t seem to get the message. So when beauty schools get snippy, HSLDA won’t curl up and dye. Read more >>

4. Homeschool Heartbeat: Building Better Lives for Refugees

Building better lives for refugees

For refugees living in Thailand, a knock at the door could mean imprisonment for the whole family. Today on Homeschool Heartbeat, hear how homeschool graduate Chris Woodruff’s organization, Life Raft International, equips churches to bring aid to these refugees. Listen to the program >>

5. Hurry! Early Registration Closes in Just 2 Days!

Early registration closes in just 2 days!

Sign up before the deadline to save up to $100 per course during early registration for the HSLDA Online Academy. HSLDA members save an additional $50–$100 per course. Early Registration for our English and writing, mathematics, social studies, and foreign language courses ends at 11:59 p.m. this Thursday, March 31. Sign up today! >>

6. Scholarships for PHC Freshmen

Modest scholarships for HSLDA families are now available to incoming freshman at Patrick Henry College for the 2016–2017 school year. Visit the Home School Foundation website to learn more. Apply today >>

7. Poetry Contest Accepting Entries

Poetry Contest Accepting Entries

Homeschool students ages 7–19 have until May 1 to submit poems to HSLDA’s annual poetry contest. Check the guidelines here >>

8. Calling Homeschool Scientists: Special Invitation to USA X-STEM Symposium

The organizers of the USA Science and Engineering Festival are extending a special invitation for homeschool students to attend the annual USA X-STEM Symposium. Read more >>

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Can You Look at the Clouds and Tell the Direction of the Wind?

An interesting phenomenon of wind is that it can blow in multiple directions at the same time, at different heights from the ground. But usually there is a prevailing wind. HSLDA watches the gusts and monitors the prevailing trends of change in the legal climate of home education. So no matter which way the wind is blowing, we’re there to protect your family.

More reasons to join HSLDA >>

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Outside news items on home education

March 21: Daily Journal, Kankakee, Illinois More Parents Homeschooling Children

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