Originally Sent: 7/21/2015

July 21, 2015
Michael Farris, HSLDA Founder and Chairman and homeschooling father of 10

Much of our advocacy involves asking government officials to abide by the law.
Michael P. Farris

  1. County Flouts Law, Digs for Data
  2. Immunization Exemption Bill Fails
  3. LEA Declares Homeschool “Inactive”
  4. Child Support—Which State Law Rules?
  5. Three Amendments that Mattered
  6. Home School Heartbeat: Developing Your Child’s Work Ethic
  7. More Homeschooling Tips, Stories, News
  8. Watch a Video of HSLDA Academy’s English 1 Teacher
  9. Help Undecided Teens Determine Career Directions
  10. Struggling Learner Conference August 8—Register Now
  11. Learn Homeschool Basics (and More) in 2 Weeks
  12. Photo Contest Deadline Approaching
Be a blessing to single parents who are homeschooling.

1. Florida: County Flouts Law, Digs for Data

HSLDA flew an attorney to Florida to confront county officials over continued demands for private information. Read more >>

2. New Mexico: Immunization Exemption Bill Fails

The vigilance of homeschoolers helped stop a state bill that would have restricted the ability of parents to make medical decisions for their children. Read more >>

3. Tennessee: LEA Declares Homeschool “Inactive”

HSLDA advocated on behalf of a member who was told to submit a copy of her high school diploma or her homeschool would remain “inactive.” Read more >>

4. Washington: Child Support—Which State Law Rules?

HSLDA recently represented a homeschool mother in an administrative hearing to prevent her daughter’s child support from being cut off. Read more >>

5. Three Amendments that Mattered

Congress is working to reconcile two versions of major federal education legislation. HSLDA wants to ensure the final version retains its protections for homeschoolers. Read more >>

6. Home School Heartbeat: Developing Your Child’s Work Ethic

Developing your child's work ethic.

Do your children try their best, or do they settle for less? With a little diligence now, your children can reap great rewards later in life. Today on Home School Heartbeat, host Mike Farris shares how homeschool parents can teach their children to strive for excellence. Listen to the program >>

7. More Homeschooling Tips, Stories, News

More homeschooling tips, stories and news.

Our new and improved blog is live! Check it out Homeschooling Now for great homeschooling tips, encouragement, success stories, and what the presidential candidates are saying about education. View the blog  >>

8. Watch a Video of HSLDA Academy’s English 1 Teacher

Master Teacher Maria Waters homeschooled her two children and taught English at a public school. Her English 1 course helps students master writing, grammar, literature, and vocabulary. Registration closes on August 12! HSLDA members enjoy savings of $70–$120 per class! Watch a video of Maria Waters here! >>

9. Help Undecided Teens Determine Career Direction

For teens unsure about their post high-school plans, finishing high school and entering the workforce may seem unconnected. Watch this short video for resources to help teens find and pursue a career suited to their gifts and talents. Take advantage of career/aptitude testing services and job shadowing opportunities. HSLDA members can direct more questions about careers to Carol Becker and Diane Kummer, HSLDA’s high school consultants.

10. Struggling Learner Conference August 8—Register Now

HSLDA is pleased to partner with JoyQuest and sponsor the first Midwest Struggling Learner Conference! This event is packed with valuable information meant to encourage and support you in your homeschooling journey. Featured speakers include Steve Demme, Carol Brown, and Faith Berens, along with others. Learn more and register >>

It's not too late to order Class of 2015 tassels.

11. Learn Homeschool Basics (and More) in 2 Weeks

Join HSLDA Toddlers to Tweens Consultant Vicki Bentley as she presents a one-day symposium entitled Basics & Beyond for Homeschooling Toddlers to Tweens on Saturday, August 8. The event will be held at HSLDA in Purcellville, VA, and the sessions include Getting Started, Choosing Curriculum, Multi-Level Teaching, and Time Management for Busy Homeschoolers, plus a fast-paced, interactive session and question-and-answer time. Learn more and register >>

12. Photo Contest Deadline Approaching

HSLDA invites children ages 7–19 to participate in its 11th annual Photography Contest! Entries must be submitted by August 1. View contest guidelines >>

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Outside news items on home education

July 20: Evening Standard, London, United Kingdom Homeschool Mother in Court Battle with Kensington and Chelsea Councils

July 20: Standard, Hong Kong, China Hard Lesson Set in Homeschooling

July 19: Herald-Tribune, Sarasota, Florida Homeschooling up 9.6 Percent in Florida

July 17: Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin WIAA on Homeschool Sports Law: “It’s Just Confusing”

July 16: WJHG-TV Channel 7, Panama City Beach, Florida Summertime Learning: Year-Round Homeschooling Education

July 13: Capital Journal, Pierre, South Dakota Pierre School Board Tables Homeschool Activities Rule

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