Originally Sent: 10/29/2013

October 29, 2013
Michael Farris, HSLDA Founder and Chairman and homeschooling father of 10

Our lead story is heartbreaking—please read it and get involved.
Michael P. Farris

  1. Seized German children now in school
  2. Attendance Board Meets Match in Homeschool Mom
  3. District Refuses to Return Portfolio
  4. Rice Lake Withdraws Request for Private Information
  5. Prince William Seeks Birth Dates
  6. Home School Heartbeat: Homeschooled Leader George Washington
  7. Homeschooling High School: Resumes for Teens
  8. This Spring Save $50 on College Prep Courses!
  9. Celebrate with Generation Joshua
  10. Encouragement, Advice for Special Needs Schooling
  11. Be a Local Bible Bee Host Next Summer!
  12. Fun Writing Assignment for Your Kids!
  13. 2014 Real Refreshment Retreats

1. Judge blocks emigration as seized German children now go to government school

“They had our children. We feel ravaged by the government. We don’t want our children in school but we have no choice—we can’t leave and if we don’t comply they will take our children away.” Read more >>

2. Attendance Board Meets Match in Homeschool Mom

A SARB truancy hearing ended favorably for a homeschool family with HSLDA’s support. Read more >>

3. Pennsylvania: District Refuses to Return Portfolio

HSLDA assisted a member family who had been unable to obtain the return of their daughter’s annual homeschool portfolio. The school district office indicated it was retaining the records until the parents submitted proof their daughter had studied science during the school year. Read more >>

4. Wisconsin: Rice Lake Withdraws Request for Private Information

HSLDA provided training to a district staff member, who sent a correction to her letter asking for personal information about a family's children. Read more >>

5. Virginia: Prince William Seeks Birth Dates

A school district asking for information not required by law agreed to stop after HSLDA intervened. Read more >>

6. Home School Heartbeat: Homeschooled Leader George Washington

George Washington, homeschooler.

The father of our country was a surveyor, general, president—and homeschooler. This week on Home School Heartbeat, find out how George Washington’s home education shaped his career and America’s future. Read more >>

7. Homeschooling High School: Resumes for Teens

In today’s world, a resume is a necessary document used to summarize your experience, abilities, and achievements. High school students benefit from creating and maintaining a resume; don’t wait until the need arises. Recording activities as they occur will save much time in filling out various applications—college, job, scholarship, vo-tech. Teen resume examples >>

8. This Spring Save $50 on College Prep Courses!

As an HSLDA member, your high school student can save $50 per semester on each of PHC Prep Academy’s college-prep courses. This spring, PHC Prep is offering AP U.S. Government and Politics and AP Macroeconomics. Don’t wait to plan ahead for next semester! Learn more about PHC Prep Academy >>

Great deals on transcripts.

9. Celebrate with Generation Joshua

Generation Joshua’s Third Annual Future of American Banquet will be held November 21 in Alexandria, Virginia. In 2012 alone, Generation Joshua hosted 300 students at summer camps, taught 400 students at conference seminars, and deployed 1,600 students who helped make over 1.5 million voter contacts. To continue this mighty work, Generation Joshua needs your help. Join GenJ to celebrate the work God has done in the past year and to support the ongoing mission. Learn more and RSVP >>

10. Encouragement, Advice for Special Needs Schooling

Register now!

Are you homeschooling a child with learning struggles or with moderate to severe special needs? Would you love a place where you get encouragement, inspiration, and practical tools to assist you in your unique homeschooling journey? Please join HSLDA President Mike Smith, attorney T.J. Schmidt, and two of HSLDA’s special needs consultants, Faith Berens and Krisa Winn, at the FPEA Special Needs-Struggling Learner Homeschool Conference November 22-23, 2013 in sunny Orlando, Florida. Learn more and register >>

11. Be a Local Bible Bee Host Next Summer!

Your church or school can host 2014 Bible Bee events and encourage children and families to study God’s word! Start planning now. Read more >>

12. Fun Writing Assignment for Your Kids!

HSLDA’s annual essay contest is underway! Explore the theme of traditions with your kids, and as a bonus for all participating families, the HSLDA Store is offering a free writing resource entitled Writing: The Bridge Between Us. This student lesson book and teacher’s companion set by Marcy McDonald is a step-by-step guide to writing well that HSLDA recommends as a great addition to any homeschool library. For contest guidelines >>

13. 2014 Real Refreshment Retreats

Homeschool moms: Mark your calendars for Apologia’s 2014 “Real Refreshment” retreats. The events feature veteran homeschoolers such as Elizabeth Smith and Zan Tyler offering insight and encouragement. Retreats are scheduled for February 21-22 in Atlanta and March 7-8 in Baltimore. Learn more and register >>




Homeshcool college credit

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Outside news items on home education

October 26: The Washington Post, Washington, DC Many military families turn to home schooling to help ease transition during frequent moves

October 24: The Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk, Virginia The Ocean is this 6-Year-Old Girl’s Playground

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