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  Oklahoma Compassion Emergency  
  Military Fund Open Enrollment—June  
  Free Christmas Greeting Card Contest—June & July  
  HSF Prayer Needs  
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Welcome to HSF’s Foundation Report

Friends of the Home School Foundation,

Spring has been a season of trials and difficulties for many families, ending with the tornado devastation in Oklahoma. But through the generosity and prayers of donors and friends like you, the Foundation is coming alongside hundreds of families.


In the News


Oklahoma Compassion Emergency

The Foundation has been busy preparing assistance for the families affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma. Read about the efforts and how you can be a part of helping these families restart their lives. Read more >>>


Military Fund Open Enrollment—June

June is an open enrollment month for the Military Fund. If you or someone you know is an active, reserve, disabled, or retired member of the military and is in need of financial assistance for purchasing their homeschool curriculum, please contact the Foundation. Learn more about this fund >>>


Free Christmas Greeting Card Contest—June & July

Every year, the Foundation sends boxes of Christmas cards to widows and single parent grant recipients. Submit a design for three categories of Christmas cards and win a box of your cards plus additional prizes! See contest details >>>


HSF Prayer Needs

Please keep the Foundation and those we help in your prayers. We cannot be effective without God’s blessing and guidance, and the people we help need His grace and comfort far beyond what we can give. We regularly post prayer needs for our families on Facebook.

how lives are being changed


When Life Falls Apart

Read about the journey of a single mom sustained by faith to continue homeschooling in the midst of great difficulties. Read Claire’s full story >>>


Answers to Autism

When the Calls’ son Brycten started showing signs of autism, the family turned to the Home School Foundation for help in obtaining the guidance and financial materials necessary to move forward with his schooling. Read Brycten’s full story >>>


2012 Year in Review

If you have not yet read these expressions of sincere gratitude from families the Foundation helped in 2012, click here to see the amazing things God has done!


How Can You Help?

There are so many ways to get involved with the Foundation’s work. Of course monetary donations are always welcome, but don’t let tight finances keep you from helping fellow homeschoolers. You can also volunteer with our Ambassador Program to help homeschoolers in need in your state! Or, use Clicks for Homeschooling every time you shop online. Learn more ways to get involved >>>


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