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January 17, 2013


Skills tutor at home!Skills tutor at home!

Extracurricular activities—how is a parent to choose?


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You Spoke, We Listened

Learn more.Learn more.
Vicki Bentley helps HSLDA members homeschool children in preschool through 8th grade. She and her husband homeschooled 17 children and led a support group of over 250 families. Read more >>

Wow! More than 1,200 of you responded to our recent survey—thank you so much! Every opinion and comment is important to us. I did personally read every single response and comment—many of the suggestions will become full articles, newsletters, or workshops. I’d like to address others in a few upcoming newsletters, to keep you abreast of HSLDA resources that may be unfamiliar to you. For example …

• • •

What changes should I expect as we move into the tween years?

For starters, check out “The Middle School Years.” For tips on how to prepare your junior high students for high school, visit the Before High School section by our high school consultants.

How do I get kids motivated to do chores?

Review the three-part series of newsletter articles on raising kids who help at home. You also may be interested in The Everyday Family Chore System, a tool for home management training.

My child is in third [or fourth, or sixth …] grade but I don’t know what he should be learning. How can I tell if he’s “on track”?

Great question, and a common concern. Find help in “What Should I Be Teaching?” You can also find placement testing and assessment guidance on our site.

What about learning styles?

Your child’s natural strength and learning preference is his learning style. The sensory way he remembers things is his learning modality. Read more here.

How do we find social opportunities for our kids?

Sometimes we parents just have to create our own opportunities, and in a past newsletter, you’ll find some ideas that have worked for other parents.

I’m a single parent. Can this work?

You’ll find not only several articles on the topic of single parenting, but also a Christian single parents’ forum in our Encouragement section.

What’s available to dads?

For starters, we have a whole section devoted on encouragement for dads, by dads. Also, our Court Report contains articles, cases, legal information, and more, all of interest to either parent. We offer several webinars in our @home e-vents designed to speak specifically to fathers, and our consultants are happy to speak with both moms and dads! Trivia tidbit: Did you know all of our staff attorneys are homeschool dads?

I’d prefer a blog format.

We have a variety of blogs to appeal to a variety of readers!

It would help me to know how other folks handle homeschooling.

At “A Day in Our Homeschool,” you’ll get a glimpse into the daily lives of more than 100 different homeschool families!

How do I get started with a preschooler?

So they don’t want to sit still and listen—they just want to play and pretend? Or you aren’t sure where to start? How much structure is appropriate? Read about these topics and more in our preschool section. You’ll also find links there to a few Home School Heartbeat series on preschool. (Hey, did you know we offer a free HSLDA membership to parents whose oldest child is not yet age 5?)

It’s so overwhelming to try to homeschool and take care of the rest of life!

Because we know that parents have more to their days than homeschooling, we’ve dedicated an entire section of our site to organization, from time management, to recordkeeping, to household organization, to “getting dinner on the table the same day you homeschool.”

I am having trouble homeschooling and taking care of my parents.

We hope you’ll find help and encouragement in the cover story of the Winter 2012 edition of our member magazine, The Home School Court Report“Eldercare and Homeschooling.”

How do I homeschool more than one child without homeschooling till bedtime?

Multi-level teaching is not only do-able, but can save you money, time (and headaches). For the short version, check out the multi-level teaching article at our site; for a more in-depth explanation, view the webinar in our @home e-vents archive.

Here for you on your journey,

Vicki Bentley
HSLDA Toddlers to Tweens consultant

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