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May 2004

5/28/2004California--Announcing the 21st Annual Christian Home Educators Convention
5/28/2004New Jersey--Rally A Huge Success; Bill Could Be Heard Thursday
5/27/2004Virginia--Governor Vetoes Homeschool Freedom Bill
5/27/2004Illinois--More Calls Needed to Governor to Defeat Compulsory Attendance Bill
5/27/2004Oregon--Your Calls Needed To Stop Future Bad Legislation In Oregon!
5/26/2004Union County New Jersey: Request for an Interview
5/24/2004Opportunity for the Lynchburg Community--National Forensics Tournament
5/21/2004New Jersey--Rally Monday! Final Reminder
5/19/2004Arizona--Calls needed-Homeschoolers Fight for Equal Treatment in College Admissions
5/19/2004South Carolina--Committee Action on Driver's License Bill
5/18/2004New Jersey--Statewide Rally May 24 To Oppose A1918
5/18/2004Oklahoma--Announcing the 19th Annual CHEF of Oklahoma Home Educators Conference and Book Fair
5/18/2004Oregon--Come to Salem to Protect Your Homeschool Freedom!
5/18/2004Minnesota--Senate Rejects Homeschool-Friendly Education Commissioner
5/17/2004Iowa--Governor Vilsack Vetoes Drivers Education Bill
5/17/2004District of Columbia--More Efficient Misinformation
5/14/2004New Jersey--Hearing on A1918 Postponed, Weinberg Changes Strategy
5/13/2004New Jersey--Urgent: Calls and Visits Needed Immediately to Keep Homeschooling Free
5/13/2004Missouri--SB 968--Stop Calls for Now
5/13/2004Illinois--Calls Needed to Defeat Compulsory Attendance Bill
5/13/2004Virginia--Calls Needed to Urge Governor to Sign Homeschool Freedom Bill
5/13/2004Iowa--Announcing the 12th Annual Home Educator's Conference
5/13/2004Virginia--Announcing the 21st Annual HEAV State Convention & Educational Fair
5/13/2004Idaho--Announcing the CHOIS 2004 Convention Building a Legacy of Love
5/12/2004Missouri--Urgent: Calls Needed to Defeat Compulsory Attendance Increase
5/12/2004South Carolina--Update on Driver's License Bill
5/11/2004North Carolina--Charlotte Based Newspaper Attacks Homeschooling
5/11/2004Job Opportunities at HSLDA
5/10/2004South Carolina--Calls Needed to House Committee - Back Door Attack on Homeschooling
5/7/2004New York--Reminder: We Need You at the Rally for Homeschool Freedom in Albany!
5/6/2004Arizona--Write to Your Regents!
5/5/2004New York--We Need You at the Rally for Homeschool Freedom in Albany!
5/5/2004Texas--Announcing the 18th Annual Gulf Coast Home Education Conference
5/5/2004Tennessee--Announcing the 2004 MHEA Teaching Enrichment Weekend
5/5/2004Kansas--Announcing the 2004 Teaching Parent Association Home School Conference
5/5/2004New York--Announcing the 20th Annual New York State LEAH Home Education Family Conference.
5/5/2004Vermont--Progress in Vermont
5/4/2004New Jersey--Hearing on A1918 Postponed
5/3/2004New Jersey--Urgent:Calls Needed Immediately to Keep Homeschooling Free