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12/4/2014Homeschooling High School--God's Investment Strategy
11/5/2014High School--Job Shadowing: Opportunities to Ignite Future Careers
10/2/2014Homeschooling High School--Analyzing Literature: Developing Discerning Readers
9/3/2014Homeschooling High School--College Here We Come - The Application Process
8/5/2014High School--The Four-Year Plan Form--Batter up for the Big Leagues
7/3/2014The Common Core: What Parents of High School Students Should Know
6/5/2014Homeschooling High School--Making the Most of Your Summer
5/1/2014High School--Come Away to Refresh Your Homeschool-Weary Souls
4/4/2014Choosing High School Curriculum: Sifting through the Process
3/6/2014Homeschooling High School--Homeschool Conferences: Here We Go!
2/6/2014Homeschooling High School: Hunting for Scholarships--An Education in Itself
1/9/2014Homeschooling High School--Encouragement for 2014