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12/5/2013Homeschooling High School--Christmas: Birthday of the King
11/7/2013Homeschooling High School--Hands-on Education
10/3/2013Homeschooling High School--Creating a Course Description
9/5/2013Homeschooling High School--HSLDA Contests: Ready, Set, Enter!
8/1/2013Homeschooling High School--Grading Your Teen's Course Work
7/3/2013Homeschooling High School--The Importance of Etiquette: Miss Manners Returns!
6/6/2013Homeschooling High School--It's a Team Effort
5/2/2013Homeschooling High School--Let's Encourage Teens to Read!
4/11/2013Invitation to PHC Teen Camps!
4/4/2013Homeschooling High School--Your Teen's Resume: A Work in Process
3/7/2013Homeschooling High School--Bringing the World into Your Home & School
3/7/2013HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru High School Newsletter --test
2/7/2013Homeschooling High School--Remind Me: Why Am I Homeschooling My Teen?
1/3/2013Homeschooling High School--Ring in the New Year with Practical Resolutions