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12/10/2008HSLDA: Plan Now For High School Symposium 2009
12/4/2008Are You Willing to Give God a Chance?
11/6/2008Earning Credit for Being Physically Fit
10/9/2008Benefits of Electives and Extracurricular Activities
9/4/2008 Singing His Promises
8/7/2008Teaching Research Skills
7/22/2008HSLDA: Earn College Credit in High School
7/10/2008Friends--God's Gifts to Us
6/9/2008Gap Year - Transitioning from High What Next?
5/1/2008Q & A Session with College Admissions Officers
4/3/2008High School Science Courses: Bane or Delight?
3/7/2008A Treasure Trove of High School Help
2/7/2008Lifting the Winter Blahs
1/3/2008Am I Homeschooling Responsibly?