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8/14/2019Lawyer Gets Hard Labor for Helping Jailed Homeschoolers -- HSLDA Weekly
8/7/2019Education Officials Listen, Make Online Form Safer -- HSLDA Weekly
7/31/2019Swimming with Sharks: Teen Wins a National Geographic Adventure -- HSLDA Weekly
7/24/2019Maryland’s “Observe Instruction” Rule Overthrown at Last
7/17/2019No Booklist? We’re Throwing the Book at You! -- HSLDA Weekly
7/11/2019Relief for Persecuted German Homeschool Family -- HSLDA Weekly
6/26/2019It's Not a Threat, It's the Law -- HSLDA Weekly
6/19/2019School Official Targets Special Needs Homeschool -- HSLDA Weekly
6/12/2019Senators Seek to Free Cuban Homeschool Parents -- HSLDA Weekly
6/6/2019Schools’ One-Size-Fits-All Policy Fits None -- HSLDA Weekly
5/29/2019Why the Virginia Supreme Court Needs to Protect Homeschoolers -- HSLDA Weekly
5/22/2019Parents Hopeful: No More Arrests for “Good Faith” Homeschooling -- HSLDA Weekly
5/8/2019British Journalist: Homeschoolers are “Insidious,” “Helicopter Parents”
5/1/2019Brazil Set to Legalize Homeschooling -- HSLDA Weekly
4/24/2019College Doesn’t Discriminate, But Website Still Does -- HSLDA Weekly
4/17/2019District Has to See it to Believe … That She’s 6?
4/3/2019District Admits “Termination” Letter Could Have Been Worded Better -- HSLDA Weekly
3/27/2019Unlike College Admissions Cheaters, Homeschoolers Show Merit Still Counts -- HSLDA Weekly
3/20/2019Legislators Feel the Heat, Amend Bad Bill -- HSLDA Weekly
3/14/2019Tax Credit for Scholarships Could Boost Homeschooling -- HSLDA Weekly
3/6/2019American Ninja (Homeschooled) Warriors
2/21/2019No Child Should Start School Feeling Left Behind -- HSLDA Weekly
2/13/2019Caught Between Two School Districts -- HSLDA Weekly
2/6/2019Since When is Moving a Federal Offense? -- HSLDA Weekly
1/30/2019Students, Congressmen Rally in D.C. for School Choice -- HSLDA Weekly
1/23/2019Double Standard Denies Benefits to Homeschool Students--HSLDA Weekly
1/16/2019Mom Keeps Better Records than District--HSLDA Weekly
1/9/2019Employer Wants Proof of Graduation—From 20 Years Ago—HSLDA Weekly
1/2/2019District Database Causes Headaches for Homeschoolers--HSLDA Weekly