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12/5/2018Loudoun Targets Virginia’s Religious Exemption -- HSLDA Weekly
11/28/2018Mom Survives Hurricanes, Only to Face a CPS Investigation -- HSLDA Weekly
11/14/2018They Changed the Rules, Then Blamed the Families -- HSLDA Weekly
11/7/2018Dear CPS: Please Follow State Policy!--HSLDA Weekly
10/31/2018Dear Registrar: Did the Cloud Eat My Transcript?--HSLDA Weekly
10/24/2018Online Public School = Easy Button? Not So Fast -- HSLDA Weekly
10/17/2018District Misses Paperwork, Investigates Family--HSLDA Weekly
10/10/2018It’s Difficult to Call That Anything But Discrimination--HSLDA Weekly
10/3/2018Grad’s Job Offer Frozen While Company “Verifies” Diploma
9/26/2018District Fails to Process Homeschool Notices, So CPS Investigates Families -- HSLDA
9/19/2018Brazil’s Homeschoolers Look to Congress after Supreme Court Decision--HSLDA Weekly
9/12/2018Get a GED in 7 Days, or No Job for You! -- HSLDA Weekly
9/5/2018How This Homeschool Grad Changed an Admissions Director’s Mind -- HSLDA Weekly
8/29/2018Dad’s Detective Skills Deliver Drexel to Daughter
8/1/2018Keeping the Homeschool Notice Simple—and Legal
7/18/2018Homeschool Dad Takes On Driver’s Ed Discrimination--HSLDA Weekly
7/11/2018Sorry, Officials: Homeschooling Doesn’t Require Your Approval--HSLDA Weekly
7/5/2018No Special Ed Services for You--HSLDA Weekly
6/27/2018District Backs Away from Wrongful Probation Order--HSLDA Weekly
6/20/2018Everyone Agrees: Why Go After Grandma?--HSLDA Weekly
6/13/2018WV Trying to “Recapture” Homeschoolers’ Money -- HSLDA Weekly
6/6/2018Officials Reject This Evaluator’s 25 Years’ Experience -- HSLDA Weekly
5/30/2018Thanks, Google! Homeschool Co-ops Going Hi-Tech -- HSLDA Weekly
5/23/2018KY Reaches Out to Homeschoolers -- HSLDA Weekly
5/16/2018Dear CA Legislators: Thank You For Listening! -- HSLDA Weekly
5/2/2018After 3 Hours of Testimony, Support for Bill Sputters Out
4/25/2018Is Your Child Ready for Social Media?--HSLDA Weekly
4/18/2018Homeschool Bill Drops Teacher Certification, But …
4/11/2018Indy PD Announces Long-Awaited Policy Reform -- HSLDA Weekly
4/4/2018Homeschoolers Cause Legislator to Back Down, But There’s More Work to Do -- HSLDA Weekly
3/28/2018Is Homeschooling Safe? New Bill Would Investigate -- HSLDA Weekly
3/22/2018Homeschooling in Brazil: “It’s Not Going Away.”
3/14/2018Homeschoolers Send Home Visitation Bill Packing--HSLDA Weekly
3/8/2018What It Takes to Free a Child from District 75--HSLDA Weekly
2/28/2018Turned in by Grandpa … for Homeschooling?!
2/21/2018Homeschooling Mom’s Tire Slashed at State Capitol
2/15/2018Reform Delivers Fairness to Aspiring Police Officers -- HSLDA
2/7/2018Judge Tells Mom, "You Can't Homeschool" -- HSLDA Weekly
1/31/2018Top Lawmakers Push for Fair Treatment of Homeschoolers--HSLDA Weekly
1/17/2018HSLDA's Advocacy Goals for 2018--HSLDA Weekly
1/10/2018What the New Tax Reform Law Means for Homeschooling Families -- HSLDA Weekly
1/4/2018The Court Case That Nearly Killed Homeschooling--HSLDA Weekly