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12/13/2017Will Britain Treat Homeschoolers Like Outlaws? -- HSLDA Weekly
12/6/2017Homeschooled Surfer Turns Pro at 17 -- HSLDA Weekly
11/29/2017Texas Homeschooler: Artist, Humanitarian, Entrepreneur--HSLDA Weekly
11/15/2017Legislator Apologizes for Calling Homeschooling “Child Abuse”--HSLDA Weekly
11/8/2017Mike Smith's Outlaw Days -- HSLDA Weekly
11/1/2017District: Pick Any Science Course You Want--As Long as It’s Biology -- HSLDA Weekly
10/25/2017SSA Threatens: Study Year-Round … or Lose Benefits -- HSLDA Weekly
10/18/2017Homeschooler with Autism Earns Employee of the Month--HSLDA Weekly
10/11/2017Superintendent Defends Free Laptop Offer--Weekly Update
10/4/2017Homeschooling in China: Through the Eyes of a Guinea Pig -- HSLDA Weekly
9/27/2017Law Professor at Major University Claims State is “Ultimate Guarantor” of Children--HSLDA Weekly
9/20/2017School Funding “Scam” Shut Down by Governor’s Office -- HSLDA Weekly
9/13/20172 Homeschool Issues You Need to Watch in Congress -- HSLDA Weekly
9/6/2017NYC Art School: Cancel Your Flight, Take the GED--HSLDA Weekly
8/31/2017Rare Solar Eclipse isn’t Educational?--HSLDA Weekly
8/23/2017A Deluge of Books: Louisiana Flood Disaster, One Year Later--HSLDA Weekly
8/16/2017Agency Takes a Shot at Following the Law This Time--HSLDA Weekly
8/9/2017Jim Goes to Detroit, Seeks Wider Support for Parental Rights Amendment--HSLDA Weekly
8/2/2017District Threatens to Trash Homeschool Notice--HSLDA Weekly
7/26/2017HSLDA to Trump: Don’t Let the Charlie Gard Tragedy Happen Here--HSLDA Weekly
7/19/2017District Defies State Regs, Forces New Rules on Homeschoolers--HSLDA Weekly
7/5/2017School Officials Invent Outrageous “Homeschool Monitoring Requirements”--HSLDA Weekly
6/29/2017Why are These School Districts Stuck in 2014?--HSLDA Weekly
6/21/2017Puerto Rico Declares Homeschooling a Fundamental Right--HSLDA Weekly
6/14/2017Iowa Asks HSLDA Attorney to Help Them Better Protect Children--HSLDA Weekly
6/7/201710-Year-Old Outruns 2,904 Adults--HSLDA Weekly
5/31/2017Fired Because He Was Homeschooled--HSLDA Weekly
5/25/2017HSLDA and DeVos Talk Homeschool Freedom--HSLDA Weekly
5/17/2017Is Your Home Your Castle—or Not?--HSLDA Weekly
5/10/2017Mom Seeks Safer Environment for Son, Ends Up in Court--HSLDA Weekly
5/4/2017Trump Reins in Federal Role in Education, Common Core--HSLDA Weekly
4/26/2017Little League Policy: Home Run for Military Homeschoolers--HSLDA
4/19/2017Knock Knock: I’m Here to Help You with My Paperwork
4/12/2017German Family Pleads for Help from Human Rights Court--HSLDA Weekly
4/5/2017Why Homeschooling is Gaining Respect in Russia--HSLDA Weekly
3/29/2017China’s New One-School Policy--HSLDA Weekly
3/22/2017School Official Falsely Labels Child Illiterate--HSLDA Weekly
3/15/2017Trump to Sign Repeal of Dangerous Education Regulations
3/7/2017Want to Stay Free? Go to a Homeschool Capitol Day--HSLDA Weekly
3/1/2017Parents Arrested for Homeschooling in Cuba--HSLDA Weekly
2/27/2017The Last Homeschooling Family in Sweden--Sweden
2/14/20174 Ways That HR 610 Will Threaten Your Rights--HSLDA Weekly
2/8/2017Will Trump Reject These Dangerous UN Treaties?--HSLDA Weekly
2/1/2017A Caseworker in Every Home?--HSLDA Weekly
1/25/2017Mom Fights to Bring Son Home from Boarding School--HSLDA Weekly
1/18/2017Homeschool in an Island Paradise? -- HSLDA Weekly
1/4/2017A Year of Victories and New Challenges--HSLDA Weekly