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12/13/2016Yes, Virginia, You Can Homeschool Without a Doctor’s Note--HSLDA
12/8/20163 Things You Should Know About Trump’s Dept. of Ed. Pick--HSLDA Weekly
11/30/2016How 720 Homeschooled Teens Swung the Senate--HSLDA Weekly
11/22/2016NFL Star Shaun Alexander: "Parents, we believe in you!"--HSLDA Weekly
11/16/2016Number of Homeschooled Children Doubles in 13 Years--HSLDA Weekly
11/2/2016District Majors on Families’ Minor Subjects--HSLDA Weekly
10/25/2016Homeschool Students Targeted in “Operation Round Up”--HSLDA Weekly
10/19/2016Homeschooling Mom Running for State Senate--HSLDA Weekly
10/13/2016Judge Sentences Family For ... Late Paperwork?--HSLDA Weekly
10/5/2016Study Hard. Double Your Score. Stay On Probation?--HSLDA Weekly
9/28/2016Secretary King: Homeschoolers Have Limited Options--HSLDA Weekly
9/21/2016“I Will Question Parents as I See Fit”--HSLDA Weekly
9/13/2016Tell Me More Or I’ll See You in Court!--HSLDA Weekly
9/7/2016Is Home Invasion a “Gray Area”?--HSLDA Weekly
8/30/2016Changes Ahead for Unconstitutional Form?--HSLDA Weekly
8/23/201613K Signatures Prompt Response from Officials--HSLDA Weekly
8/16/2016State Forces Parents to Violate Conscience--HSLDA Weekly
8/9/2016Superintendent Orders Homeschooler Back to 1st Grade -- HSLDA Weekly
8/2/2016Wikileaks: Common Core a “Third Rail” for DNC--HSLDA
7/28/2016Homeschooling not Lawful?--HSLDA Weekly
7/20/2016Is it Time to Talk Amexit?--HSLDA Weekly
7/12/2016For The Last Time: They Don’t Need a GED!--HSLDA Weekly
7/6/2016C.S. Lewis’s Stepson: Schools Should Be for Fish, Not Kids--HSLDA Weekly
6/28/2016How Today’s Homeschoolers are Doing on the SAT
6/21/2016Dear Feds: You Keep Using that Word, “Family”
6/14/2016Happy 18th Birthday: No Check for You!--HSLDA Weekly
6/7/2016Norway Returning Stolen Children
6/1/2016Leaked Common Core Questions Stun Parents--HSLDA Weekly
5/24/2016Random Audits for Homeschoolers?--HSLDA Weekly
5/17/2016Take Government Money--Or Else!
5/10/20164 Empty Beds: Norway Still Refuses to Return Bodnariu Children
5/3/2016Inflexible School Shocked to Learn this Homeschooled Child is Thriving--HSLDA Weekly
4/26/2016Has Homeschooling become Part of the Prison Pipeline?--HSLDA Weekly
4/19/2016Police Jobs Now Open to Homeschooled Graduates--HSLDA Weekly
4/12/2016Judge: Not My Responsibility. HSLDA: Sure Is!
4/5/2016HSLDA to phony court: “Stop this sham!”
3/29/2016College Grad Needs GED to Join Police?
3/22/2016Kafka Chowder—Manhattan Style
3/15/2016Police Now Delivering Mail, Apparently
3/8/2016Homeschoolers Targeted for Extra Scrutiny?
3/1/2016Federal Government Tells Parents: “We Are Your Equals”
2/23/2016Freedom Bill Awaits Governor’s Signature--HSLDA Weekly
2/16/2016District Threatens Kids with Public School--HSLDA Weekly
2/9/2016Homeschool Grandmother Hauled into Court
2/2/2016Parents Face Jail Time for Missing Deadline--HSLDA Weekly
1/26/2016Hillary on What Your Child Should Learn--HSLDA Weekly
1/19/2016Common Core Textbook Seller Makes Shocking Admission--HSLDA Weekly
1/12/2016“I’m Here to Investigate Unsocialized Homeschoolers”
1/5/2016Homeschool Mom Not Guilty--HSLDA Weekly