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12/22/2015Joy to You: Christmas 2015--HSLDA Weekly
12/15/2015School Apologizes for Bullying Family--HSLDA Weekly
12/8/2015Background Check for Most Parents?--HSLDA Weekly
12/1/2015Family Broken into a Million Pieces--HSLDA Weekly
11/24/2015Hillary’s Black Friday Sale
11/17/2015School Drops Request for Homeschool Student Names--HSLDA Weekly
11/10/2015Homeschools Targeted for Termination--HSLDA
11/3/2015You Are (Not) in Compliance--HSLDA Weekly
10/27/2015Homeschool, Get a Social Worker--HSLDA Weekly
10/20/2015State Snoops into Immunization Records--HSLDA Weekly
10/13/2015"I Hate Homeschoolers"--HSLDA Weekly
10/7/2015Federal Student Tracking Defeated
9/29/2015Yikes! Is that Online?--HSLDA
9/22/2015Big Bad Wolf goes to Supreme Court--HSLDA Weekly
9/15/2015“Your Child Has Been Referred For Truancy”
9/8/2015Kindergarten Mandated for Homeschoolers
9/1/2015Officials: Prepare for Home Visits--HSLDA Weekly
8/25/2015Donald Trump: Where He Stands on Common Core--HSLDA Weekly
8/18/2015Would Your Candidate Get Feds out of Education?--HSLDA Weekly
8/11/2015Art School Reverses Policy, Welcomes Homeschooler--HSLDA Weekly
8/4/2015District Seeks Approval Authority--HSLDA Weekly
7/28/2015Immunization Rules Tightened--HSLDA Weekly
7/21/2015County Flouts Law, Digs for Data--HSLDA Weekly
7/14/2015Expanded Federal Pre-Kindergarten is Not the Answer!
7/7/2015Half-Baked Truancy Charges Dismissed
6/30/2015Social Worker Case Appealed to Supreme Court--HSLDA Weekly
6/23/2015State Board Goes After Homeschoolers--HSLDA Weekly
6/16/2015CPS Questions Math Course--HSLDA Weekly
6/9/2015Common Core Standards to be Replaced--HSLDA
6/2/2015End Discrimination against Homeschool Graduates--HSLDA Weekly
5/26/2015Does the State Own Your Kids?--HSLDA Weekly
5/19/2015Concerned about Head Start? Let Congress Know!--HSLDA
5/12/2015Law Removes State from Common Core Testing--HSLDA Weekly
5/5/2015Four Years in Prison for Homeschooling?--HSLDA Weekly
4/28/2015Sec. of Ed.: Feds Must Enforce Common Core--HSLDA Weekly
4/21/2015School District Excludes Qualified Evaluator--HSLDA Weekly
4/14/20156 Types of Federal Bills to Watch in 2015--HSLDA Weekly
4/7/2015Family Defends against Truancy Charges--HSLDA Weekly
3/24/2015Help Johanssons Fight for Their Son--HSLDA Weekly
3/17/2015College Relents, Reinstates Homeschool Graduate--HSLDA Weekly
3/10/2015Update on Homeschool Asylum Bill--HSLDA Weekly
3/3/2015College Student Booted for being Homeschooled--HSLDA Weekly
2/24/2015School District Seeks Homeschool Records--HSLDA Weekly
2/17/2015Officials Create Unauthorized Diploma--HSLDA Weekly
2/10/2015Oppressive Homeschool Law Proposed--HSLDA Weekly
2/3/2015Homeschoolers Dodge State Civics Test--HSLDA Weekly
1/27/2015Federal Citizenship Test for Homeschoolers?
1/20/2015Help Us Stop Federal Support for the Common Core--HSLDA Weekly
1/13/2015School District Rejects Homeschool Objectives--HSLDA Weekly
1/6/2015Family Appeals to Supreme Court--HSLDA