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12/16/2014Common Core and Virtual Public Education--HSLDA Weekly
12/9/2014Judge: Homeschoolers Stuck in Dark Ages
12/2/2014HSLDA Weekly: Not Truant--Homeschooling!
11/25/2014HSLDA Weekly--Feds Drop Regulatory Turkey
11/18/2014Unbelievable!--HSLDA Weekly
11/11/2014HSLDA Weekly--HSLDA Puts Police on the Street
11/4/2014HSLDA Weekly--Homeschool Law Significantly Improved
10/28/2014HSLDA Weekly--Superintendent Requires Oral Exams
10/22/2014HSLDA Weekly--Let Me In!
10/14/2014HSLDA Weekly--Superintendent Refuses Public School Withdrawal
10/8/2014HSLDA Weekly--Superintendent Disapproves Homeschooling
9/30/2014HSLDA Weekly--Surprise Veto Defeats Mandatory Kindergarten
9/23/2014HSLDA Weekly--New Jersey school system says homeschoolers must follow common core
9/16/2014HSLDA Weekly--Homeschool Families to U.S. Senate: Defeat UN Treaty!
9/9/2014HSLDA Weekly--Police Commission Discriminates against Graduates
9/2/2014HSLDA Weekly--German Homeschoolers Vow to Stay and Fight
8/26/2014HSLDA Weekly--Truancy? Discrimination? Common Core? Read on!
8/19/2014HSLDA Weekly--Annual Home Visits for Homeschoolers?
8/12/2014HSLDA Weekly--Officials: You Must File Online
8/5/2014HSLDA Weekly--Homeschool Mom Jailed
7/29/2014HSLDA Weekly--Common Core State Standards Rejected
7/22/2014HSLDA Weekly--Senate Defeats Anti-Religious Liberty Bill
7/15/2014HSLDA Weekly: Senate Bill Targets Religious Freedom Act--Call Now!
7/8/2014HSLDA Weekly--Let Parents Teach Their Kids to Drive
7/1/2014HSLDA Weekly--Religious Freedom Act Key to Hobby Lobby Ruling
6/24/2014HSLDA Weekly--Parental Rights Bill Passes
6/18/2014HSLDA Weekly--Another Victory over Common Core
6/10/2014HSLDA Weekly--Oklahoma Ousts Common Core
6/3/2014HSLDA Weekly--Help Stop Assault on Free Speech
5/28/2014HSLDA Weekly--Study of Gems gets Green Light
5/20/2014HSLDA Weekly--New UN-Linked Policy Threatens Freedom
5/13/2014HSLDA Weekly--Call U.S. Senate to Stop Federal Pre-K
5/6/2014HSLDA Weekly--Homeschoolers Need Not Apply
4/29/2014HSLDA Weekly--Major Victory for Student Safety and Privacy
4/22/2014HSLDA Weekly--Family Fights for Sick Child
4/15/2014HSLDA Weekly--Homeschooling Congressmen Meet German Ambassador
4/8/2014HSLDA Weekly--New Law Recognizes Home Instruction
4/1/2014HSLDA Weekly: Urgent: Defund Common Core! Call Congress Now
3/25/2014HSLDA Weekly--Labor Laws Become Homeschool-Friendly
3/18/2014HSLDA Weekly--Enlistees Get Equal Treatment at Last!
3/11/2014HSLDA Weekly--Dangerous Policy Lurks behind Romeike Triumph
3/4/2014HSLDA Weekly--Romeikes Can Stay!
2/25/2014HSLDA Weekly--Supreme Court still Discussing Romeike
2/18/2014HSLDA Weekly--Religious Freedom or Truancy?
2/11/2014HSLDA Weekly--Justice Department: Persecution Not a Problem
2/4/2014HSLDA Weekly--Shocking State of Parental Rights in America
1/28/2014HSLDA Weekly--Bill Would Severely Restrict Homeschooling
1/22/2014HSLDA Weekly--School District Operating Under Old Law
1/14/2014HSLDA Weekly--IRS Attempts to Muzzle Organizations
1/7/2014HSLDA Weekly--Judge Rebuilds "Berlin Wall" for Homeschoolers
1/2/2014HSLDA Weekly--No UN Disabilities Treaty!