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12/17/2013HSLDA Weekly--Worst-Ever Homeschool Law Proposed
12/10/2013HSLDA Weekly--Homeschoolers Exempted from Truancy Ordinance
12/3/2013HSLDA Weekly--Family Harassed over Delayed Test Results
11/26/2013HSLDA Weekly--Immunization without Consent
11/19/2013Weekly Update-Mother Loses Right to Homeschool Disabled Son
11/12/2013HSLDA Weekly: House members oppose UN Treaty
11/6/2013HSLDA Weekly--Mike Farris Testifies against UN Disabilities Treaty
10/29/2013HSLDA Weekly: Seized children now in government school
10/22/2013HSLDA Weekly--Parents Resist Tougher Homeschool Startup Rules
10/15/2013HSLDA Weekly--HSLDA Asks Supreme Court to Review Romeike Case
10/9/2013HSLDA Weekly--Homeschooling Too Effective?
10/1/2013HSLDA Weekly Update--State Seeks to Control Homeschooling
9/24/2013HSLDA Weekly--Wunderlich Children Returned
9/17/2013HSLDA Weekly--State-Sponsored Kidnapping, Jail for Homeschoolers
9/10/2013HSLDA Weekly--Does the Common Core Lead to National Data Collection?
9/3/2013HSLDA's Weekly--Help the Wunderlichs Get Their Kids Back
8/27/2013HSLDA Weekly--Mistake Escalates to Court Hearing
8/20/2013HSLDA Weekly--Can Health Care Bureaucrats Invade My Home?
8/13/2013HSLDA Weekly--White House Responds "No Comment" to Romeike Petition
8/6/2013HSLDA Weekly--Contact Your Senators about UN Disabilities Treaty
7/30/2013HSLDA Weekly--Washington Post Gets it Wrong on Freedom, Homeschooling
7/23/2013HSLDA Weekly--Govt Agent for Every Child?
7/16/2013HSLDA Weekly--Romeike Rehearing Denied, HSLDA Looks to Supreme Court
7/9/2013HSLDA Weekly--Truancy Charge Threatened all Ohio Homeschoolers
7/2/2013HSLDA Weekly--Justice Department: "Tolerance Trumps Freedom"
6/25/2013HSLDA Weekly--"Let Me in or I'll Take Your Kids"
6/18/2013HSLDA Weekly--Justice Department Ordered to Respond to Romeike Appeal
6/11/2013HSLDA Weekly--Call Congress to Ensure Equal Treatment for Enlistees
6/4/2013HSLDA Weekly--Thackers Win in Nebraska Supreme Court
5/28/2013HSLDA Weekly--Officials Want to Review Homeschool Books
5/21/2013HSLDA Weekly---UN Disabilities Treaty Back from Defeat
5/14/2013HSLDA Weekly--Single Mom Shields Son from Bullies, Faces Charges
5/7/2013HSLDA Weekly--Congress Tackles Common Core National Standards
4/30/2013HSLDA Weekly--UN Disabilities Treaty on the Move
4/23/2013HSLDA Weekly--Court Packed with Romeike Supporters
4/16/2013HSLDA's Weekly Update--Obama Wants 4-year-olds Prepared for Global Economy
4/9/2013HSLDA Weekly--Whose Children are They?
4/2/2013HSLDA Weekly: Homeschool Freedom Knocks at Obama's Door
3/27/2013HSLDA Weekly--Death Stars, NASCAR, and Homeschooling
3/27/2013HSLDA Weekly--Death Stars, NASCAR, and Homeschooling
3/19/2013HSLDA Weekly--Glenn Beck Joins Battle to Help German Homeschoolers
3/12/2013HSLDA Weekly--Discrimination Prevented
3/5/2013HSLDA Weekly--Preparing for the Nebraska Supreme Court
2/26/2013HSLDA Weekly--Parents Removed from Neglect Registry
2/19/2013HSLDA Weekly--Appeal Versus Social Workers Faces Uphill Battle
2/12/2013HSLDA Weekly--Attorney General: Homeschooling Not a Fundamental Right
2/5/2013HSLDA Weekly--State Seeks Student Behavioral Health Assessment
1/29/2013HSLDA Weekly--Farris Asks Supreme Court to Protect Religious Freedom
1/22/2013HSLDA Weekly--HSLDA Defends Family in State Supreme Court
1/15/2013HSLDA Weekly--Single Mom Vindicated in Court
1/8/2013HSLDA Weekly--"God Fights Our Battles"
1/2/2013HSLDA Weekly--File "Application" or We'll Prosecute