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12/18/2012HSLDA Weekly--Will States Tell You What to Teach?
12/11/2012HSLDA Weekly--Send Thank-You Notes to Senators
12/4/2012HSLDA Weekly--Senate Fails to Ratify UN Disabilities Treaty
11/27/2012HSLDA Weekly--United Nations Treaty Vote Imminent
11/20/2012HSLDA Weekly--Thankful for Homeschool Blessings
11/13/2012HSLDA Weekly--Miscommunication Leads Family to Court
11/6/2012HSLDA Weekly--A Global Cry for Freedom
10/31/2012HSLDA Weekly: Be Part of the Solution--Vote!
10/23/2012HSLDA Weekly--Paul Ryan: Keep Homeschooling Free!
10/16/2012HSLDA Weekly--Top Cases Involve State v. Parents
10/9/2012HSLDA Weekly--Principal Drops Demand to OK Curriculum
10/2/2012HSLDA Weekly--Parents' Homeschool Rights Affirmed
9/25/2012HSLDA Weekly--State Outlaws Spanking
9/18/2012HSLDA Weekly--Parents' Truancy Conviction Overturned
9/11/2012HSLDA Weekly--Social Security: Accreditation Not Required
9/4/2012HSLDA Weekly--Pentagon Changes Homeschool Enlistment
8/28/2012HSLDA Weekly--"Diversity" Ordinance Could Impose Burden
8/21/2012HSLDA Weekly--A Response to Senator Rockefeller
8/14/2012HSLDA Weekly--Prosecutor Drops Charges
8/7/2012HSLDA Weekly--Help Ensure Victory over UN Treaty
7/31/2012HSLDA Weekly--Religious Exemption Approved, Lawsuit Averted
7/24/2012HSLDA Weekly--Romney Adds Voice in Parental Rights Battle
7/17/2012HSLDA Weekly--Santorum Joins Fight against UN Treaty
7/10/2012HSLDA Weekly--Defending 8-Year-Old Cancer Survivor
7/3/2012HSLDA Weekly--Help Protect Families, U.S. Sovereignty
6/26/2012HSLDA Weekly--Bill Outlaws Spanking
6/19/2012HSLDA Weekly--New Hope for Seized Son's Return
6/12/2012HSLDA Weekly--Graduation a Time To Celebrate
6/5/2012HSLDA Weekly--Parental Rights Amendment Introduced
5/29/2012HSLDA Weekly--UN Disabilities Treaty Poses New Danger
5/22/2012HSLDA Weekly--Worst Kind of Socialization
5/15/2012HSLDA Weekly--Parental Rights Amendment Back in Congress
5/8/2012HSLDA Weekly--Farris on Fox News to Defend Parental Rights
5/1/2012HSLDA Weekly--Mom Removed from Abuse Registry
4/24/2012HSLDA Weekly--Homeschooling, Technology, and a Threatened Arrest
4/17/2012HSLDA Weekly--Animal Abuse Allegations Lead Family to HSLDA
4/10/2012HSLDA Weekly--Death by Homeschooling?
4/3/2012HSLDA Weekly--Judge Sides with HSLDA, Dismisses Truancy Charges
3/27/2012HSLDA Weekly--Newborn Seized in Hospital by Police, Social Worker
3/20/2012HSLDA Weekly--Restrictive Vote Delayed as Protest Delivers Warning
3/13/2012HSLDA Weekly--DHS Appeals Stieler Medical Decision-Making Case!
3/6/2012HSLDA Weekly--TV Series Mocks Christians
2/28/2012HSLDA Weekly: "Diversity Training" for Homeschools?
2/21/2012HSLDA Weekly: Most Threatening Homeschool Bill in the Nation
2/14/2012HSLDA Weekly: Calls Needed to Protect Religious Freedom
2/7/2012HSLDA Weekly: One Year Closer to Legalized Homeschooling
1/31/2012HSLDA Weekly--Pres. Obama's Attack on Educational Freedom--Update
1/24/2012HSLDA Weekly: Life Sentence for Spanking?
1/17/2012HSLDA Weekly: Official to Social Services--Take Homeschool Kids!
1/10/2012HSLDA Weekly: Truancy Charges Dismissed
1/3/2012HSLDA Weekly--District Denies Homeschool "Approval"