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12/20/2011HSLDA Update: Federal Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Bill Stalled
12/13/2011 Truancy Charges? Sorry--Our Mistake
12/6/2011Homeschool Families Face Criminal Charges
11/29/2011Who Makes the Really Tough Decisions: Parents? Or Doctors?
11/22/2011Movie Exposes Government Invasion of Families
11/15/2011Official Wants Proof of Enrollment
11/8/2011Authorities: Take Your Kids to School or Else We Will!
11/1/2011Oppose Big-Government Education Bill
10/25/2011HSLDA's Weekly Update--School Social Worker Harasses Family
10/18/2011Your Video Invitation to GenJ's Future of America Banquet
10/11/2011Officials Seek to Terminate Johansson Parenthood
10/4/2011A Clear and Present Danger
9/27/2011Oppose Federal Attack on Conscience Protections
9/20/2011Daytime Curfew Defeated
9/13/2011Thank Heaven and Thank HSLDA
9/6/2011Freedom at Stake in "Mandatory" Online Filing
8/30/2011Right to Privacy Protected at Front Door
8/23/2011Federal Government Tramples Conscience Protections
8/16/2011New State Homeschool Policy "In the Works"
8/9/2011Grand Jury Calls for Investigating Homeschoolers
8/2/2011School Board Calls Homeschooling Disorganized, Isolationist
7/26/2011Proof Positive: PHC Prep Delivers Higher Scores
7/19/2011State Parental Rights Legislation Enacted
7/12/2011HSLDA Wins Island Social Security Case
7/5/2011Summer of Parental Rights
6/28/2011UN: Put Parents on Trial
6/22/2011Bill to Send 6-Year-Olds to School Dies
6/14/2011HSLDA Commercial Video Contest Winners -- Weekly Update
6/7/2011District Makes Positive Change After HSLDA Contact
5/31/2011Homeschooling Reaches Families in Cuba
5/24/2011Right to Resist Police Entry Struck Down
5/17/2011"Homeschoolers Need More Oversight"
5/10/2011HSLDA's Weekly Update--Judge: 3-Year-Old Needs "Socialization"
5/3/2011HSLDA's Weekly Update--Who Should Issue the Diploma?
4/26/2011HSLDA's Weekly Update--Judge's Order Overruled
4/19/2011HSLDA's Weekly Update--Court Addresses Johansson Case
4/12/2011HSLDA's Weekly Update--High Court Blocks Request for Homeschool IDs
4/5/2011HSLDA's Weekly Update--HSLDA Opposing Court Order
3/29/2011HSLDA's Weekly Update--Breakthrough in Sweden
3/22/2011HSLDA's Weekly Update--High Court Orders Homeschooler to Public School
3/15/2011HSLDA's Weekly Update--Abuse Report Recommends Supervising Homeschoolers
3/8/2011HSLDA's Weekly Update--The Power of Activism
3/1/2011HSLDA's Weekly Update--High Court Finds Christian Parents Unsuitable
2/22/2011HSLDA's Weekly Update--Mike Farris Warns of Coming Persecution
2/15/2011HSLDA's Weekly Update--Planned Parenthood Attacks Parental Rights Amendment
2/8/2011HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschoolers in Legal Limbo
1/25/2011HSLDA's Weekly Update--Appellate Briefs Filed in Illegal-Search Case
1/18/2011HSLDA's Weekly Update--Vote Aims at Repealing Health Care Law
1/11/2011HSLDA's Weekly Update--Letter-Writing Campaign for Johanssons
1/4/2011HSLDA's Weekly Update--Over 2 Million Children are Homeschooled