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12/21/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Merry Christmas !
12/14/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Family to Apply for Political Asylum
12/7/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Government Jails Homeschool Father
11/30/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--First National Congress on Homeschooling
11/23/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Your Calls Help Stall UN Treaty
11/16/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--District Wants Additional Reporting
11/9/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Parent-Issued Work Certificates Allowed
11/2/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Colleges Must "Validate" High School Diplomas
10/26/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Federal Government Targets Colleges
10/19/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschoolers Want Partnership, not Confrontation
10/12/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Response to Outrageous Attack on Homeschooling
10/5/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--School Districts Requiring Registration
9/28/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Government Decides When Homeschooling is Okay
9/21/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Education Bill Would Criminalize Homeschooling
9/14/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Advocacy through Legislation
9/7/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschoolers Interrogated by Secret Police
8/31/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Victory over Child Abuse Reporting Legislation
8/24/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--MATHCOUNTS Reinstates Homeschool Teams for Upcoming Year
8/17/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Speak Out During August Recess
8/10/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Over 30 States Adopt National Education Standards
8/3/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschoolers Succeeding in College
7/27/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Senate to Vote on Supreme Court Nominee
7/20/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschool Families v. Social Security Administration
7/13/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Kagan Confirms Support for International Law
7/6/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Governors Promote National Education Standards
6/29/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Battle Escalates over Homeschooled Child
6/22/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Congress Attempts to Muzzle Free Speech
6/15/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Court Denies Due Process to Family
6/8/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Surprising Changes in DMV Policy
6/1/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Hostile Legislative Climate Earns State "Red" Status
5/25/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Ruling Challenged in State Supreme Court
5/18/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--International Law Used in Supreme Court Decision
5/11/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Resolution Supports Early Education Programs
5/4/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--School District Exceeds Authority
4/27/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--School Demands English Proficiency Test
4/20/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Contact Committee on Behalf of Johansson Family
4/13/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Draconian Homeschool Regulations Tabled--For Now
4/6/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Judge Upholds Family's Right to Day in Court
3/30/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update-- Education Savings Accounts Still Present Problem
3/23/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--U.S. Immigration Opposes Asylum Decision
3/16/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Health Care Bill Puts Government in Your Home
3/9/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Sweden Takes A Hardening Line
3/2/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Vaccine Equity Bill Speeds toward Enactment
2/23/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Early Education: Head Start to Nowhere?
2/16/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--"Suspended" Homeschooler Subject to Public School Rules
2/9/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Defending Freedom Wherever it is Threatened
2/2/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Mother Faces False Truancy Charges
1/26/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschooling Family Granted Political Asylum
1/19/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--HSLDA Sues Athletic Association
1/12/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--Parents Arrested for Failing to Register Homeschool
1/5/2010HSLDA's Weekly Update--A Response to "The Harms of Homeschooling"