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12/22/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Court Upholds State-Sponsored "Kidnapping"
12/15/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Washington Times Op-ed: Socialization not a Problem
12/8/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update-- Senate Tied up in Health Care Debate
12/1/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Judge Fines Homeschoolers, No Jail Sentence
11/24/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschoolers Thrive at the Bees
11/17/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Census Form Issue Resolved
11/10/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--"We're Saving the Vaccine"
11/3/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--House of Reps. to Vote on Health Care
10/27/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--District Seeks Power to Call Doctor
10/20/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Chris Klicka's Memory Honored
10/14/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Take Advantage of Co-op Options
10/13/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--District Sends Illegal Forms
9/29/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Superintendent Rejects Notices of Intent
9/22/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Programs Suit Needs of Students
9/15/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Health Care Bill Poses Threat
9/8/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Official Backs Off Homeschooled Denial
9/1/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Outstanding Results on National Tests
8/25/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschoolers Say No to Mandatory State Testing
8/18/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Family Resists Intrusive Request for Personal Information
8/11/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--New Study Confirms Homeschool Academic Achievement
8/4/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--NFL Players Sponsor New SAT/ACT Prep Program
7/28/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--UN Women's Treaty also Threatens Families
7/21/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Calls Needed to Congress about Healthcare Bill
7/14/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--English Home Education: Already in Proper Balance
7/7/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Mike Farris to Speak at World Congress of Families
6/30/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschooling Under Pressure all over Europe
6/24/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Young Volunteer Earns Four Awards
6/16/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--UN Treaty Jeopardizes Homeschool Freedom in Britain
6/9/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Patrick Henry College Continues to Excel
6/2/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Compulsory Attendance Age Increased
5/26/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Family Avoids Truant Officer Visit
5/19/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Choice Sought in Driver Training
5/12/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Is Congress Moving Toward Nationalized Education?
5/5/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschoolers Flood Capitol, 'Change Law'
4/29/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--New Online Seminars Begin Next Week
4/21/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--HSLDA Helps Homeschooler Obtain State ID Cards
4/14/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--HSLDA Defends Family's Right to Homeschool
4/7/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Withdrawing Children During Term OK
3/31/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Scholarship Held Up
3/24/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--District Claims Kids Better off in School
3/17/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Obama's Zero to Five Plan Doesn't Add Up
3/10/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Senate to Vote on Ogden Nomination
3/3/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschoolers Get Blamed, Again
2/24/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschooling: It's the Teacher, not the School
2/17/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Record-Breaking Crowd Sends Message to Legislators
2/10/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Major Changes to Child Product Safety Rules
2/3/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschooling Popularity Grows
1/27/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Price of Charter School's Free Education Too High
1/20/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Family Accused of Sending Kids to Bed Too Early
1/13/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--U.N. Treaty Might Weaken Families
1/6/2009HSLDA's Weekly Update--Another Homeschooling Movement Begins