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12/23/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--A Family's Influence in Southeast Asia
12/16/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Army National Guard Opens Doors to Homeschoolers
12/9/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--College Reinstates Financial Aid
12/2/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Testing Proves Success of Graduates
11/25/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--"You're Not Going to Get Away With It!"
11/18/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--HSLDA Seeks Asylum for Homeschool Family
11/11/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--"All Homeschoolers Get Psychological Evaluations"
11/4/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Family Encounters Police, Principal
10/28/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Truant Officer Threatens Court Action
10/21/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--State Groups Key to Homeschooling Success
10/14/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Family Told to Meet with State Attorney or Else
10/7/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--School District Tries To Stop Homeschooling
9/30/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--GenJ Teaches Leadership, Civics
9/23/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Restrictive Guantanamo Bay Policy Abandoned
9/16/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Challenges For German Homeschoolers
9/9/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Why Government Should Stay out of Pre-K
9/2/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Sheriff Rejects Homeschool Grad
8/26/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschoolers Lose Religious Freedom Case
8/19/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Court Victory Prompts Letters of Appreciation
8/12/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Officials React to California Ruling
8/5/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--German Court Takes Custody of Homeschoolers
7/29/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Restrictive Homeschool Regulations Approved
7/22/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Please Forget about Us
7/15/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Grandparents' Visitation Rights Denied
7/10/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Obama Campaign Abandons 'Joshua Generation'
7/1/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Social Worker Threatens Truancy Charges
6/24/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--HSLDA Condemns German Court
6/17/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--More Problems for Homeschoolers in Germany
6/10/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--College Drops GED Demand
6/3/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Parade Magazine Online Poll
5/27/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Open Letter to Subway
5/21/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Acceptance Grows but Myths Persist
5/13/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Legislature Closes with Freedom Intact
5/6/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Memphis Official Resists Obeying Law
4/29/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--California May Ban Spanking
4/22/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Tipster Says TV Replaced Schoolwork
4/15/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--California Case Jeopardizes Gains
4/8/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--National Leaders Attends Summit
4/1/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Write to Your Local Newspaper
3/26/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Coming Together in California
3/18/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Fundamental Right in Jeopardy
3/4/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Unfortunate Court Decision
2/26/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Political Resistance Continues
2/19/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschool Family Accused of Truancy
2/12/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschool Family Faces $7,000 Fine
2/5/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Tragedy Could Heighten Homeschool Scrutiny
1/29/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update-- Take Homeschool Law Back to the 'Dark Ages'!
1/22/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Concerned Family Declines Evaluation
1/15/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Family Told What Curriculum to Use
1/8/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschool Mom Exonerated of Charges
1/2/2008HSLDA's Weekly Update--'Your Diploma was Signed by Your Parents'