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12/18/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--'Civics' in, Government and History out
12/11/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Bike Crash Leads to Social Worker Investigation
12/4/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Extracurricular Activities on Rise
11/27/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Superintendent Terminates Home Education Program
11/20/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschool Program Not Approved
11/13/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Instilling Basics Teaches Leadership
11/6/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--HSLDA Responds To Homeschooling Critic
10/30/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschooler Told 'You Have No Rights'
10/23/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Judge Rules Social Worker Tactics Unconstitutional
10/16/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Don't Trade Freedom for Government Assistance
10/9/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschooler Told She's Learning Too Fast
10/2/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschool Success Proving Critics Wrong
9/25/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--School District Threatens to Destroy Portfolios
9/18/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--'Well-Prepared Because of HSLDA'
9/11/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Education Extends to 12th Grade
8/28/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Vengeful Tipster Turns in Family
8/21/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Honoring Moore's Achievements
8/14/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschoolers Lobby Congress
8/7/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschoolers Score High on ACT Exam
7/31/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--High-Scoring Enlisted Given Top Tier
7/24/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Company Refuses to Pay Doctor's Bill
7/17/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Rep. Colloton Misfires on Citizenship Training
7/10/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Supreme Court Levels Playing Field
7/3/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Good News in the Military
6/26/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Official Labels Homeschool Illegal
6/19/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Contest Winners Prove the Point
6/12/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Grassroots Lobbying Protected
6/5/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Curriculum Market Reaches Milestone
5/29/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Patrick Henry Caps Very Good Year
5/22/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Administrative Rulings Support Right to Homeschool
5/15/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Bill Would Lower Compulsory School Attendance Age
5/8/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Let's Smarten up on Teen Rebellion
5/1/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Schools Demand Approval of Year-End Test
4/24/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--German Homeschooled Teen Reunited with Family
4/17/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Marine Acceptance is Breakthrough
4/10/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Plan Turns Homeschools into Public Schools
4/3/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Truancy Case Dismissed
3/27/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Marine Corps Pursues Homeschoolers
3/20/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschoolers Get Legislative Victory
3/13/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Truant Officer Demands to See Curriculum
3/6/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--The Battle Against Fascist Conformity
2/27/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--School District Creates False Deadline
2/20/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Doctors Advised to 'Monitor' Homeschool Patients
2/13/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Data Show Virtual Schools Underperforming
2/6/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Virtual Academy Threatens Homeschool Freedom
1/30/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--'Are You Capable of Teaching Your Kids Trigonometry?'
1/23/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--School Demands Proof of Parent 'Competence'
1/16/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Superintendent Gets It Wrong
1/9/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update-- False Allegation of 'Emaciation' Rebuffed
1/3/2007HSLDA's Weekly Update--Officials Promise to Destroy Ill-gotten Information