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12/19/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Mom Wins Right to Take Children to Recess
12/12/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Christian Teens Active in Elections
12/5/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--'Your Home Education Program is Terminated'
11/28/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Thanks Due for Educational Freedom
11/21/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschool 'Inspection' Scheduled at Police Station
11/15/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Truant Officer 'Checks Up' on Homeschool Family
11/7/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Investigation of All New Homeschoolers to Stop
10/31/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Just-Right Curriculum Found Online
10/24/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--State's Attorney Backs Down
10/17/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschooler Wins Public School Sports Battle
10/10/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Federalization is the Wrong Answer
10/3/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Bill to Make Public Education a Constitutional Right
9/26/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Legal Threat Evaporates after HSLDA Intervenes
9/19/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Family Summoned to Court
9/13/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Homeschool Escapes False Child Abuse Allegations
8/30/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update: House Inspector Becomes 'Family Inspector'
8/30/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Official Offers to Correct Error
8/30/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--We Need You to Help Register Voters Next Month
8/9/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Respect Earned but not Always Given
8/2/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Learning Curve in New Hampshire
7/26/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Daytime Curfew Defeated!
7/19/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Courts Back Families on Searches
7/12/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Freedom Expands for Homeschoolers
7/5/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Parents Delivering Quality Education
6/27/2006HSLDA'S Weekly Update--School District Creates Unauthorized Requirements
6/21/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Federal Regulations Threaten Religious Liberty
6/14/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Judge Threatens Family with $3,500 Fine!
6/7/2006HSLDA'S Weekly Update--The Fight for Religious Freedom Continues
5/31/2006HSLDA'S Weekly Update--Whose Job is it Anyway?
5/24/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--College Rescinds Discriminatory Policy
5/17/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--None Dare Call It Socialism
5/10/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Compulsory Attendance Age Expansion Blocked
5/2/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Exit Strategy from Public Schools?
4/25/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Conferences a Vital Resource
4/18/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update: Survey Confirms Homeschooling Progress
4/11/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Child Interrogation Tactics Confronted
4/4/2006HSLDA'S Weekly Update--NCHE's Legislative Briefing Report
3/28/2006HSLDA'S Weekly Update--Homeschooler Receives 'Armed Escort'
3/21/2006HSLDA'S Weekly Update--Uncle Sam Wants Drew
3/14/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Children Winning 'Mommy Wars'
3/7/2006HSLDA'S WEEKLY UPDATE-- Homeschool Grad Ordered Back to School
2/28/2006The Case of the Missing School Textbooks
2/21/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Parent-Teachers Want Safety First
2/14/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Oprah Winfrey Responds
2/7/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Suspicious
1/31/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Open Letter to Oprah Winfrey
1/24/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update: Special-Needs Student Charged with Truancy
1/18/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Sloppy Recording by District Leads to CPS Report
1/10/2006Weekly Update Jan. 10, 2006--Official Mistakenly Threatens Region's Homeschoole
1/3/2006HSLDA's Weekly Update--Family Dragged into Court During Holidays