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HSLDA Alerts & Information (VA)

9/29/2015Job Opening: Online Course Developer
9/9/2015Virginia—PSAT Registration Problem Solved
8/20/2015VIRGINA--The Emperor Has No Clothes: Diplomas From Online Public Schools
6/3/2015Join HSLDA and the Lynchburg Tea Party for a talk on Common Core!
4/13/2015Call to Keep Virginia out of Common Core
2/17/2015Calls Needed Immediately for Homeschool Fairness Bill
2/12/2015Act Now to Protect Independent Private Instruction
1/29/2015Goochland Board Approves Good Religious Exemption Policy
1/26/2015Reminder--Rally with Mike Farris in Richmond
1/26/2015Goochland Board Meets Tuesday—Follow Up
1/23/2015Call Now For Fair Homeschool Testing Laws
1/21/2015Virginia--Bills Filed to Improve Home Instruction Laws
1/16/201514-Year-Olds to no Longer be Subject to Religious Questioning in Goochland: Follow Up
1/13/2015Rally with Mike Farris in Richmond
1/9/2015Call Goochland Board if You Can’t Attend
1/6/2015Homeschool Religious Freedom under Attack in Goochland
1/5/2015Homeschool Religious Freedom under Attack in Goochland