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HSLDA Alerts & Information (VA)
February 2008

2/26/2008Virginia--Two Homeschool Bills Pass Senate Unanimously
2/22/2008Virginia--Update: Assessment Bill Makes Dramatic Comeback, Passes Committee
2/20/2008Virginia--Urgent Action Needed for Assessment Bill!
2/19/2008Virginia--Assessment Bill Needs Your Help!
2/15/2008Virginia--Calls Needed Immediately to Expand Year-End Assessment Options
2/15/2008Virginia--Legislative Update
2/7/2008Virginia--Assessment Option Bill Heads for Senate!
2/6/2008Virginia--Bills Allowing Social Workers to File Petitions to be Fixed
2/5/2008Virginia--Calls Needed Immediately to Prevent Social Worker Court Abuse
2/4/2008Virginia--Legislative Update
2/4/2008Virginia--Calls Needed For More Assessment Options