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HSLDA Alerts & Information (VA)

12/3/2007HSLDA's CAP Training Day in One Week
11/5/2007Invitation to HSLDA's CAP Training Day on December 10
11/5/2007HSLDA--Your Vote Crucial in Preserving Homeschool Freedom
9/11/2007HSLDA--You're Invited to Second CAP Training Day
8/16/2007Virginia--HSLDA Attorney to Speak at Tri-City Support Group Meeting
7/24/2007Virginia: Year-end Assessment, Notice of Intent Deadlines Approaching
4/11/2007Virginia--Finishing First Full Year under Expanded Assessment Options
3/15/2007Virginia: Calls needed to the Governor for Religious Freedom
3/7/2007Virginia: Loudoun County--Tourism and Hospitality Scholarship
2/28/2007Virginia--Survey Concerning Advanced Placement Tests
2/23/2007Virginia: Victory for Religious Freedom in the Senate
2/22/2007Virginia: Calls Needed At Once to Save Religious Freedom Bill!
2/20/2007Virginia--Victory and Action Alert
2/16/2007Virginia: Calls needed for Monday Morning Religious Freedom Act
2/7/2007Virginia--Victory in the Legislature for Education Tax Credits!
2/7/2007Virginia--Victory in the Legislature for Religious Freedom
2/5/2007Virginia--'Day at the Capitol' in Richmond February 13
2/2/2007Virginia--Calls Needed Now to Protect Religious Freedom
2/2/2007Virginia--Calls Needed Now to Help Pass Tax $1,200 Tax Credit for Homeschoolers
1/31/2007Virginia--Your Calls Helped Religious Freedom Legislation Move Forward
1/30/2007Virginia--Calls Needed Immediately to Protect Religious Freedom
1/19/2007Virginia--Calls Needed Now to Help Pass a Tax Credit for Homeschoolers