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HSLDA Alerts & Information (NJ)

12/10/2004New Jersey--Daytime Curfew Bill Scheduled for Vote Monday
10/22/2004New Jersey: Homeschool Vouchers Neither Wanted nor Needed
10/8/2004New Jersey--Philadelphia Inquirer seeking unrepresentative homeschool family?
9/20/2004New Jersey--Bill Would Outlaw Homeschooling for Some Kids Who Need It the Most
5/28/2004New Jersey--Rally A Huge Success; Bill Could Be Heard Thursday
5/26/2004Union County New Jersey: Request for an Interview
5/21/2004New Jersey--Rally Monday! Final Reminder
5/18/2004New Jersey--Statewide Rally May 24 To Oppose A1918
5/14/2004New Jersey--Hearing on A1918 Postponed, Weinberg Changes Strategy
5/13/2004New Jersey--Urgent: Calls and Visits Needed Immediately to Keep Homeschooling Free
5/4/2004New Jersey--Hearing on A1918 Postponed
5/3/2004New Jersey--Urgent:Calls Needed Immediately to Keep Homeschooling Free
3/15/2004New Jersey--Letters Needed--Cosmetology Board Postpones Decision
3/8/2004New Jersey--Homeschool Graduate's License in the Balance
1/23/2004New Jersey--Update: Weinberg Re-files Homeschool Bill
1/13/2004New Jersey--Homeschoolers Preempt Stealth Passage of AB 4033
1/9/2004New Jersey--Update on A.B. 4033
1/9/2004New Jersey--Highly Urgent, Calls and Visits Needed TODAY to stop AB 4033
1/6/2004New Jersey -- Restrictive Homeschool Law Proposed, calls needed immediately