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HSLDA Alerts & Information (CA)

10/29/2012California: Thirty Days to Respond to Match Gift to Help FPM
10/17/2012Our California Legislative Advocate Urgently Needs Your Help
10/15/2012California: Major Victory for Parents
10/11/2012California: Major Legislative Victory
10/9/2012California: Victory! 5-Year-Old Compulsory Education Defeated
10/4/2012California: Major Legislative Victory!
10/2/2012California: AB 2109 Signed by the Governor
9/19/2012California: Victory! - Mandatory Kindergarten Defeated
9/12/2012California AB 2109 - Calls to the Governor Needed Again!
8/29/2012California: AB 2109 - Call The Governor!
8/27/2012Public Hearing on Daytime Curfew in Chula Vista!
8/24/2012Clarification: AB 2109--Close Vote Call Again
8/24/2012California: AB 2109--Close Vote Call Again
8/22/2012California: AB 2109 - Calls Needed Now!
8/7/2012California: AB 2109 - Vaccination Waiver Threatened
7/10/2012California - Vaccination Waiver Threatened
7/9/2012CHEA Convention--Still Time to Register
7/3/2012California: SB 1551 Defeated! A Great Victory for all Parents!
6/26/2012Hear Mike Smith at First-Ever CHEA Graduation
6/25/2012California--Vaccination Waiver Threatened--Attack On Parental Rights!
6/21/2012California: Pick up Some Savings at the 2012 VHE Convention!
6/12/2012California: AB 2109--Vaccination Waiver Threatened--Letters Needed
5/18/2012California: Voter Registration Deadline is Monday
5/16/2012California: Stand against Curfew at Council Meeting
5/11/2012FPM Alert UPDATE: AB 2203 - 5 Year-Old Compulsory Education
5/9/2012California: Mandatory Kindergarten Vote Postponed
5/7/2012California: AB 2203--5-Year-Old Compulsory Education--Calls Needed
5/4/2012California: AB 2109 - Vaccination Waiver Threatened - Calls Needed
5/4/2012California: Take Action against Daytime Curfew
5/3/2012California: Pick up Some Savings at the 2012 SCOPE Conference!
4/30/2012HSLDA-FPM Joint Action Alert: AB 1772 - Mandatory Kindergarten - Calls Needed
4/27/2012California: AB 2109 - Vaccination Waiver Threatened - Calls Needed
4/20/2012California: HSLDA Alert Update: AB 1772 - Mandatory Kindergarten
4/19/2012California: UPDATE: AB 2109 - Vaccination Waiver Threatened
4/18/2012California: UPDATE: AB 2203 - 5-Year-Old Compulsory Education
4/16/2012California: Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten
4/13/2012California: Vaccination Waiver Threatened-- Attack On Parental Rights!
4/9/2012California: Call Now to Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten
4/3/2012California: Mandatory Kindergarten Bill Delayed
3/29/2012Victory for Homeschoolers in Defeating Daytime Curfew Proposal
3/29/2012California: Official Threatens Homeschooler with Truancy
3/22/2012California: Oppose Expansion of Government Control over Education
2/14/2012Oppose the Daytime Curfew
1/25/2012A Monumental Victory for All Parents Took Effect Jan. 1
1/20/2012Board of Supervisors Tables Daytime Curfew
1/12/2012California: Action Needed to Oppose San Luis Obispo Daytime Curfew