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HSLDA Alerts & Information (CA)

12/5/2011California Hearing Officer: "Claimant's Home School Constitutes a Private School
11/17/2011California: CHEA Labors on Your Behalf
10/14/2011California--How to Keep a Strong Voice for Homeschooling in Sacramento
10/11/2011Parental Rights Protected
10/6/2011Great News In California!
10/4/2011California: Changes to the Private School Affidavit
10/4/2011Private School Affidavit Filing Deadline
9/20/2011Parent's Right Secured to Determine Education for Special-Needs Children
8/16/2011ReConnect Weekend: Live the Adventure with Your Teen
7/14/2011California: Proposed Concord Daytime Curfew--Please Take Action!
6/9/2011California--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the TCHEN Convention!
5/31/2011California: NEW Immunization Documentation Requirement--Your Action Needed!
4/13/2011California: Los Angeles Public Hearing on Daytime Curfews
4/11/2011California--HSLDA Membership Discounted at CFS 2011 Convention!
3/21/2011Presidential forum and straw poll at the Pacific Homeschool SuperConference!
3/14/2011California: Action Needed to Oppose San Juan Capistrano Daytime Curfew
2/28/2011HSLDA: Hear Sharron Angle at the Pacific Homeschool SuperConference!
1/20/2011California: Legislature in Session
1/14/2011California--Energize Your Homeschool at the CHEA of California Convention!