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HSLDA Alerts & Information (CA)

10/23/2008California--Marriage Amendment on November 4 Ballot!
9/19/2008California--Your Freedoms Still Need Protection
9/18/2008HSLDA--Hear Michael Farris Discuss the Threat to Parental Rights
9/16/2008California: File Your Private School Affidavit Between October 1-15
8/8/2008California--A Great Victory for California Homeschoolers
7/21/2008California--Important Recommendations Concerning ISPs
6/26/2008California--Announcing the 15th Annual Valley Home Educators Conference
6/10/2008CHEA--Christian Home Educators Association of California Conference
6/9/2008California: Resolution Supports Homeschooling and Parents Rights
5/27/2008California: Defeat of AB 2943--Prohibition of Spanking
5/22/2008California--Court Filings Complete
5/22/2008California--Announcing the 2008 Annual Tri-Counties Homeschool Convention
5/6/2008California--Action Still Needed to Defeat Anti-spanking Bill
4/30/2008California--Sacramento Christian Organization of Parent Educators Conference
4/30/2008California--23rd Annual Christian Home Educators of Fresno Area Conference
4/29/2008California: Anti-spanking Bill to be Heard in Committee
4/24/2008California--Family Protection Ministries Urgently Needs Support
4/17/2008California--Announcing the 13th Annual California Homeschool Conference!
4/16/2008California--Update on Anti-spanking Legislation AB 2943
4/10/2008California--URGENT--Anti-spanking Bill Hearing Set for Tuesday
4/8/2008California--A.B. 2943: Prohibition of Spanking
4/4/2008California--Announcing the 13th Annual California Homeschool Conference!
3/11/2008California State Superintendent Supports Right to Homeschool
3/11/2008California--Pro-Homeschool Anderson Resolution
3/7/2008California--Court against Home Schooling
3/6/2008HSLDA--Response to Ruling of California Court of Appeal
3/3/2008California: Unfortunate Court Decision in California
1/29/2008California--Defeat of AB 755 - Prohibition of Spanking
1/25/2008California: Impact of SB 777-- Homosexuality & Schools
1/22/2008California--AB 755--Prohibition of Spanking
1/17/2008California: Proposal Defeated--A very encouraging VICTORY!