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HSLDA Alerts & Information (General/National)

11/30/2017Parental Rights Amendment Re-Introduced in Both Houses of Congress—Call Congress Now!
11/29/2017Update: Come to Miami-Dade Update on Homeschooling
11/9/2017Urgent Calls Needed: Bill Introduced in Congress to Create Massive New Federal Data Collection
10/31/2017Exciting News Regarding Parental Rights
8/16/2017Applying for ACT Accommodations? Here’s a Big Change You Need to Know About
8/7/2017Contact Your Senators in Support of Parental Rights Amendment
6/30/2017British Parents Ordered to Let Child Die: Take Action
5/4/2017Update on Sports-Access Legislation
4/27/2017Action Requested: Help Stop Mandatory Kindergarten Bill in the Assembly
4/24/2017Family on Trial Tomorrow for Homeschooling
3/31/2017Threatened With Jail, Cuban Homeschoolers Seek Asylum
2/10/2017Urgent Action Needed: Congress Attempting to Give Federal Government Money to Homeschools
1/11/2017Immediate Action Requested Education Committee Hearings Today and Tomorrow