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HSLDA Alerts & Information (General/National)
September 2010

9/30/2010HSLDA Member Benefit--Save on Services and Products
9/29/2010HSLDA: National Conference Follow-up
9/29/2010HSLDA: Your Opinion Needed Concerning College Prep Courses
9/28/2010Rhode Island--Be Ready for Chariho Truant Officer Visits
9/21/2010Rhode Island--Your Testimony Needed Sept. 28 in Chariho!
9/17/2010HSLDA: Your Teen Can Make a Difference
9/13/2010HSLDA: High School Seminar Coming to Winchester Area
9/13/2010Rhode Island--Chariho Update
9/10/2010Rhode Island--Keep Calling Chariho School Committee!
9/9/2010HSLDA: Join Us in Honoring the Constitution
9/9/2010Rhode Island--Chariho Families Face Litigation Threat
9/8/2010Indiana--Pre-registration Deadline for 2010 Map Your Future!
9/1/2010HSLDA: Family Favorites from the Homeschool Kitchen Back-to-school Special!