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HSLDA Alerts & Information (General/National)
May 2010

5/28/2010Rhode Island--Chariho Requests Documents by June 25
5/28/2010Hoekstra test
5/28/2010Virginia--Visit HSLDA at the 2010 Northern Virginia Home Education Conference
5/28/2010HSLDA: Opportunity to Speak Out to Elected Officials
5/21/2010Texas--HSLDA and Generation Joshua at the 2010 SETHSA Convention!
5/12/2010Tennessee--Visit HSLDA at the SMHEA 2010 Family Resource Fair
5/10/2010Pennsylvania--Visit HSLDA at the SEARCH 2010 Convention
5/10/2010Texas--Visit HSLDA at the One Day Academy Resource Fair!
5/10/2010Michigan--Visit HSLDA at the 2010 MCH Conference
5/10/2010New Jersey--Visit HSLDA at the HEART Convention
5/7/2010Attend EU "Open House Day" at European Embassies Across Washington DC
5/3/2010California--Visit HSLDA at the 22nd Annual SCOPE Conference
5/3/2010Tennessee--Visit HSLDA at the MHEA Conference and Curriculum Fair
5/3/2010New York: Rochester--Come to Meeting Tonight About Annual Assessments