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HSLDA Alerts & Information (General/National)
October 2010

10/28/2010HSLDA Member Benefit--Save on Insurance with Liberty Mutual
10/26/2010Rhode Island--Attend Chariho Meeting Tonight About Locator Cards
10/22/2010HSLDA: Business Owners, Save $500-Plus--No Strings Attached!
10/22/2010West Virginia--Visit HSLDA at the CTCHE Evening of Encouragement!
10/18/2010Help Your Students Earn Potential College Credit with Christian AP Courses!
10/15/2010HSLDA: Register Now for Spring AP Courses at PHC Prep!
10/15/2010HSLDA: PHC looking for Financial Aid Officer
10/14/2010HSLDA: Reminder--Parental Rights Amendment Rally This Saturday!
10/8/2010HSLDA: Come Learn About the Parental Rights Amendment Next Saturday!
10/8/2010PHC Job Opening
10/8/2010HSLDA: Your Teens Can Make a Difference This Election
10/8/2010HSLDA: Pre-registration Deadline Extended for 2010 Map Your Future!
10/7/2010Home School Foundation: More Families Need Curriculum
10/6/2010HSLDA: Farris and Dobson to Discuss the Dangers of the CRC
10/6/2010Rhode Island--Cranston Drops "Family Registration Form" Demand
10/6/2010HSLDA: Limited Time Offer on Graduation Gear
10/5/2010HSLDA: Don't Miss Your Opportunity to Hear Dr. Michael Farris Live!
10/5/2010Rhode Island--Attend Richmond Town Council Tonight
10/1/2010Rhode Island--All-Hands Call to Action in Chariho
10/1/2010HSLDA: Part-Time Accounting Assistant Needed