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HSLDA Alerts & Information (General/National)

12/21/2010Merry Christmas from HSLDA
12/17/2010Home School Foundation: International Homeschoolers in Trouble!
12/15/2010PHC Prep: Don't Miss January 7 Registration Deadline for AP Courses!
12/15/2010PHC Prep: Don't Miss January 7 Registration Deadline for AP Courses!
12/10/2010HSLDA Benefit: Online Courses Prep Teens for May 2011 AP Exams!
12/9/2010HSLDA: Register for High School Teacher Training
12/8/2010Home School Foundation: Give an unexpected gift this Christmas!
12/7/2010PHC Prep: Register Now for Spring Accelerated AP Courses!
12/6/2010HSLDA: Energize Your Homeschool at MACHE'S Annual Conference
12/1/2010HSLDA: Register Now for Constitutional Law Online with Michael Farris, Esq.
12/1/2010Ohio--Mentor Proposes Daytime Curfew
12/1/2010Oklahoma: Energize Your Homeschool at OCHEC
11/24/2010HSLDA Benefit--Help Homeschoolers While You Shop
11/24/2010HSLDA: Seasonal Savings on HSF Cookbook
11/18/2010HSLDA: Your Calls Are Working on CEDAW--Call Now!
11/17/2010HSLDA: New Online AP Course Options for Homeschooled Teens!
11/16/2010Calls Needed--Senate Subcommittee to Hold Hearing on U.N CEDAW Treaty
11/10/2010HSLDA: Have You Registered for Spring AP Courses?
11/10/2010PHC Prep: Where Will Your Students Take AP Courses This Spring?
11/9/2010HSLDA: Two PHC positions open
11/5/2010Visit HSLDA at Ohio Valley Christian Home Educators Event
11/2/2010HSLDA: Reminder--Mike Farris at Regional Conference
10/28/2010HSLDA Member Benefit--Save on Insurance with Liberty Mutual
10/26/2010Rhode Island--Attend Chariho Meeting Tonight About Locator Cards
10/22/2010HSLDA: Business Owners, Save $500-Plus--No Strings Attached!
10/22/2010West Virginia--Visit HSLDA at the CTCHE Evening of Encouragement!
10/18/2010Help Your Students Earn Potential College Credit with Christian AP Courses!
10/15/2010HSLDA: Register Now for Spring AP Courses at PHC Prep!
10/15/2010HSLDA: PHC looking for Financial Aid Officer
10/14/2010HSLDA: Reminder--Parental Rights Amendment Rally This Saturday!
10/8/2010HSLDA: Come Learn About the Parental Rights Amendment Next Saturday!
10/8/2010PHC Job Opening
10/8/2010HSLDA: Your Teens Can Make a Difference This Election
10/8/2010HSLDA: Pre-registration Deadline Extended for 2010 Map Your Future!
10/7/2010Home School Foundation: More Families Need Curriculum
10/6/2010HSLDA: Farris and Dobson to Discuss the Dangers of the CRC
10/6/2010Rhode Island--Cranston Drops "Family Registration Form" Demand
10/6/2010HSLDA: Limited Time Offer on Graduation Gear
10/5/2010HSLDA: Don't Miss Your Opportunity to Hear Dr. Michael Farris Live!
10/5/2010Rhode Island--Attend Richmond Town Council Tonight
10/1/2010Rhode Island--All-Hands Call to Action in Chariho
10/1/2010HSLDA: Part-Time Accounting Assistant Needed
9/30/2010HSLDA Member Benefit--Save on Services and Products
9/29/2010HSLDA: National Conference Follow-up
9/29/2010HSLDA: Your Opinion Needed Concerning College Prep Courses
9/28/2010Rhode Island--Be Ready for Chariho Truant Officer Visits
9/21/2010Rhode Island--Your Testimony Needed Sept. 28 in Chariho!
9/17/2010HSLDA: Your Teen Can Make a Difference
9/13/2010HSLDA: High School Seminar Coming to Winchester Area
9/13/2010Rhode Island--Chariho Update
9/10/2010Rhode Island--Keep Calling Chariho School Committee!
9/9/2010HSLDA: Join Us in Honoring the Constitution
9/9/2010Rhode Island--Chariho Families Face Litigation Threat
9/8/2010Indiana--Pre-registration Deadline for 2010 Map Your Future!
9/1/2010HSLDA: Family Favorites from the Homeschool Kitchen Back-to-school Special!
8/26/2010HSLDA Member Benefit--Got High Schoolers?
8/25/2010HSLDA: Hear Elizabeth Smith's Encouraging Message at Apologia Live
8/25/2010HSLDA: Only 3 Days Left to Register for PHC Prep's Fall 2010 AP Courses
8/20/2010HSLDA: Only 7 Days Left to Register for PHC Prep's Fall 2010 AP Courses
8/18/2010HSLDA: Debate Book Revised and Updated
8/13/2010HSLDA: Register NOW for 2010 Fall Constitutional Law Online with Michael Farris
8/12/2010Florida--Visit HSLDA at the Learning & Families Education Expo 2010!
8/12/2010HSLDA: Protect Parental Rights from Big Government
8/11/2010HSLDA: Help Your High Schooler Earn Potential College Credit!
8/4/2010Texas--Mock Presidential Election Teen Track at NTHEN Conference!
7/29/2010HSLDA: Last Chance to Register for Generation Joshua Leadership Camp
7/26/2010HSLDA: Winners of SEARCH conference drawing announced!
7/23/2010HSLDA: Come to Richmond to Hear Inspiring Speakers
7/19/2010HSLDA: District Form Not Required by Law
7/15/2010HSLDA: Help with Homeschool Research
7/15/2010Texas--Generation Joshua Teen Track at NTHEN Conference!
7/7/2010West Virginia--Eastern Panhandle Home School Conference Postponed
6/30/2010HSLDA Benefit: Online AP Courses with a Christian Worldview!
6/24/2010Illinois--Visit HSLDA at the Chicago Homeschool Expo
6/22/2010Virginia--Errors in Goochland Letter
6/21/2010Georgia--Visit HSLDA at the Southeast Homeschool Expo
6/21/2010California--Visit HSLDA at the 17th Annual Valley Home Educators Convention
6/18/2010HSLDA: Final Chance to Register for iGovern Leadership Camp
6/17/2010HSLDA: Help Your Student Earn Potential College Credit with HSLDA Discount!
6/17/2010HSLDA: Help Your Student Earn Potential College Credit with HSLDA Discount!
6/16/2010Tennessee--Visit HSLDA at the 28th Annual CSTHEA Expo
6/15/2010HSLDA: Join Mike Farris in a Biblical Response to Environmentalism
6/10/2010Generation Joshua's iGovern Summer Leadership Camps--5 Days Left to Register
6/9/2010Tennessee--Visit HSLDA at the WTHEA Curriculum Fair & Conference
6/9/2010Florida--Visit HSLDA at the HERI 2010 Convention!
6/9/2010West Virginia--Visit HSLDA at the Eastern Panhandle Home School Conference
6/8/2010HSLDA needs your help!
6/2/2010New Jersey: Visit HSLDA at the Sacred H.E.A.R.T. Convention!
5/28/2010Rhode Island--Chariho Requests Documents by June 25
5/28/2010Hoekstra test
5/28/2010Virginia--Visit HSLDA at the 2010 Northern Virginia Home Education Conference
5/28/2010HSLDA: Opportunity to Speak Out to Elected Officials
5/21/2010Texas--HSLDA and Generation Joshua at the 2010 SETHSA Convention!
5/12/2010Tennessee--Visit HSLDA at the SMHEA 2010 Family Resource Fair
5/10/2010Pennsylvania--Visit HSLDA at the SEARCH 2010 Convention
5/10/2010Texas--Visit HSLDA at the One Day Academy Resource Fair!
5/10/2010Michigan--Visit HSLDA at the 2010 MCH Conference
5/10/2010New Jersey--Visit HSLDA at the HEART Convention
5/7/2010Attend EU "Open House Day" at European Embassies Across Washington DC
5/3/2010California--Visit HSLDA at the 22nd Annual SCOPE Conference
5/3/2010Tennessee--Visit HSLDA at the MHEA Conference and Curriculum Fair
5/3/2010New York: Rochester--Come to Meeting Tonight About Annual Assessments
4/30/2010HSLDA: Members Save on Graduation Gear!
4/28/2010Texas--Visit HSLDA at the 2010 SETHSA Convention!
4/28/2010New England--Visit HSLDA at the Catholic Homeschool Conference!
4/28/2010Oregon--Visit HSLDA at the 20th Annual L.I.G.H.T Christian Home Education Fair!
4/28/2010Kansas/Missouri--Visit HSLDA at the KC Conference for Catholic Homeschoolers!
4/28/2010HSLDA: Generation Joshua Summer Camp Inspires and Equips
4/20/2010Wyoming--HSLDA Coming to the Homeschoolers of Wyoming 2010 Convention!
4/16/2010Minnesota--Visit HSLDA at the MCHEC Conference and Curriculum Fair
4/14/2010HSLDA: Men's Purity Seminar
4/5/2010Indiana--Visit HSLDA at the 2010 Quo Vadis Catholic Homeschool Conference!
4/5/2010Arkansas--Visit HSLDA at TEA 2010 Home School Convention in Searcy
4/5/2010Tennessee--Visit HSLDA at the MTHEA 2010 Curriculum Fair
4/5/2010Indiana--Visit HSLDA at the FWAHS 26th Annual Resource Expo
3/31/2010HSDLA: Beware National Education Standards 2.0
3/31/2010Kansas--Scott Woodruff to Speak at the MPE 2010 Conference!
3/26/2010HSLDA Member Benefit: Special Needs Coordinators
3/26/2010Texas--Visit HSLDA at the 26th Annual Arlington Home School Book Fair
3/25/ An Evening of Colonial Elegance
3/24/ An Evening of Colonial Elegance
3/17/2010Oklahoma: Visit HSLDA at the OCHEC Eastern Oklahoma (Tulsa) Convention
3/17/2010New York: Visit HSLDA at the Long Island/NYC Homeschool Convention
3/17/2010California: Visit HSLDA at the CHEA Bay Area Homeschool Convention
3/15/2010Virginia--Visit HSLDA and Generation Joshua in Roanoke
3/12/2010North Carolina: Homeschooling Thru High School Symposium
3/5/2010Missouri--Visit HSLDA at the Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators Expo!
3/5/2010California--Visit HSLDA at the Central Coast Home Education Conference!
2/26/2010HSLDA--Financial Literacy Challenge Opportunity
2/25/2010Louisiana--Visit HSLDA at the RCHAL 2010 Curriculum Fair!
2/25/2010New Jersey--Visit HSLDA at the 11th Annual CHAPLET Homeschool Conference!
2/25/2010HSLDA Member Benefit: Court Report Magazine
2/22/2010Third Annual HSLDA High School Symposium
2/12/2010HSLDA's Stimulus Plan. Limited Time Offer.
2/12/2010Florida--Visit HSLDA at the 2010 South Florida Homeschool Convention
2/12/2010Washington--Visit HSLDA at the Inland Northwest Homeschool Conference!
2/12/2010Illinois--Visit HSLDA at the APACHE 21st Annual Convention!
2/12/2010HSLDA: Senior Web Developer Needed for 2-3 months
2/8/2010HSLDA: Join Elizabeth Smith at Apologia Live Homeschool Conference
2/8/2010HSLDA: Join Elizabeth Smith at Apologia Live Homeschool Conference
1/29/2010Michigan--Visit HSLDA at the Kalamazoo Area Homeschool Association 2010 Expo!
1/29/2010Indiana--Visit HSLDA at the SWIHE 16th Annual Convention!
1/29/2010Indiana--Visit HSLDA at the Indiana Homeschool Support 2010 Conference!
1/29/2010Indiana--Visit HSLDA at the IAHE 25th Annual Convention!
1/29/2010Colorado--Visit HSLDA at the Home Instruction Ministries' Curriculum Fair!
1/29/2010HSLDA: A Sweet Deal for Your Valentine
1/20/2010HSLDA: Parental Rights Update from Michael Farris
1/15/2010Nebraska--Reminder: Parental Rights in Education Symposium with Michael P. Farris
1/8/2010South Dakota--Rapid City Demands Homeschool Kids stay in School
1/6/2010HSLDA: Register Now for 2010 Spring Constitutional Law Online!