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HSLDA Alerts & Information (General/National)
March 2009

3/30/2009Texas--Arlington 2009 25th Annual Home School Book Fair!
3/23/2009Florida--Announcing the 2009 Annual South Florida Homeschool Convention!
3/23/2009Washington--2009 Annual Christian Association of Parent Educators Convention!
3/20/2009HSLDA: Parental Rights Amendment Has Fifty-Six Sponsors!
3/12/2009Massachusetts--20th Annual MassHOPE Christian Homeschool Convention!
3/12/2009New Hampshire--Announcing the 2009 Iron Sharpens Iron Men's Conference!
3/12/2009Washington--Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington Conference!
3/12/2009New Jersey--Tenth Annual CHAPLET Catholic Homeschool Conference!
3/11/2009HSLDA: Support Parental Rights and Help Make History
3/9/2009HSLDA: 2009 High School Symposium Nearing Capacity
3/9/2009Kansas--Announcing the 2009 Midwest Parent Educator Conference!