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HSLDA Alerts & Information (General/National)

12/14/2009HSLDA: Hear Elizabeth Smith's Encouraging Message at Apologia Live
12/9/2009Colorado--FREE State-Approved Driver Education and Training!
12/2/2009HSLDA: Buy Two or More Cookbooks, Save $5 Each!
11/25/2009HSLDA Member Benefit--Help Homeschoolers While You Shop
11/20/2009HSLDA: Urgent!--Calls Needed to Stop Intrusive Health Care Bill
11/16/2009HSLDA: Join Children's Day Rally for Parental Rights
11/5/2009North Carolina--Announcing the 2009 Parental Rights Conference!
10/23/2009HSLDA Member Benefit--Save on Services and Products
10/22/2009HSLDA: Support Parental Rights, Get a Gift!
10/21/2009HSLDA: Volunteers Needed for National Bible Bee in D.C.
10/13/2009Indiana--Pre-registration deadline for 2009 Map Your Future!
10/13/2009HSLDA: In Memoriam Christopher J. Klicka
10/9/2009HSLDA: Calls Needed to Stop Senate Health Care Bill
10/8/2009Tenn.--NETHEA Presentation on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
10/7/2009HSLDA: Calls Needed to Reunite Homeschool Family
10/5/2009Nevada--Save the Date for the 2010 Homeschool Symposium!
9/29/2009Maine--SAD 40 Unlawfully Demands Return of Form
9/29/2009HSF: Remember Foundation During CFC Campaign
9/28/2009HSLDA: Please Pray for Chris Klicka, Family
9/25/2009Indiana--Announcing the 2009 Map Your Future Event
9/17/2009HSLDA: Call Now to Oppose Federal Funding for Early Education Programs
9/9/2009HSLDA: Michael Farris to Give James Madison Lecture
8/13/2009Minnesota: Dr. Brian Ray--Homeschooling Works, and Increases Freedom!
8/13/2009HSLDA: Try Three Cool Recipes for Hot Summer Days!
8/3/2009Coming up this week on HSLDA's @home e-vents...
7/30/2009HSLDA Member Benefit--Got High Schoolers?
7/24/2009Washington--Reminder: WATCH 2009 Homeschool Conference and Family Retreat!
7/20/2009South Carolina: Calls Needed to Stop Daytime Curfew Ordinance
7/13/2009North Carolina--Announcing the 2009 Great Smokies Homeschool Conference!
7/2/2009Texas--NTHEN 2009 Homeschool Conference!
6/24/2009HSLDA: Delegation at UN Disconnects Phone--Update
6/24/2009HSLDA: Call Now to Stop UN Children's Treaty
6/15/2009HSLDA: Tomorrow's @home e-vent: Understanding science, Understanding God
6/11/2009Tennessee--Annual CSTHEA 2009 Curriculum Fair and Education Expo!
6/9/2009HSLDA: Tomorrow's e-vent: Change the World in Your Spare Time!
6/8/2009HSLDA: Support a College that Supports Your Values
6/4/2009New Jersey--Reminder: the First Annual Sacred HEART 2009 Convention!
6/1/2009Tennessee--West Tennessee Home Education Association Conference!
6/1/2009Florida--Home Educational Resources and Information Curriculum Convention!
6/1/2009Texas--One Day High Academy 2009 Homeschool Resource Fair!
5/22/2009Texas--1st Annual One Day High Academy 2009 Homeschool Resource Fair!
5/22/2009Ohio--Announcing the 5th Annual Dayton Catholic 2009 Homeschool Conference!
5/22/2009Virginia--2009 Annual Northern Virginia Home Education Conference!
5/18/2009Tennessee--Smoky Mountain Home Education Association Family Resource Fair!
5/18/2009HSLDA: It's Wedding Season! Buy Three Cookbooks for Wedding Gifts & Save!
5/14/2009Alabama--Announcing the 2009 Annual Mobile Homeschool Expo!
5/12/2009Texas: Please Attend Council Meeting to Defeat Daytime Curfew Tomorrow!
5/11/2009Washington--Washington Homeschool Organization Convention
5/11/2009Pennsylvania-- SouthEastern Area Christian Homeschoolers of Pa. Conference
5/11/2009New Jersey--First Annual Sacred HEART 2009 Convention!
5/6/2009Tennessee--MHEA 2009 Mid-South Educational Resources Expo!
5/6/2009Texas--Announcing the One Day High School Seminar of Frisco Home Is School
5/6/2009Maryland--Announcing the 2009 Annual Catholic Family Expo!
4/30/2009HSLDA Member Benefit: Graduation Gear!
4/30/2009West Virginia--Annual Eastern Panhandle Home School Conference!
4/24/2009Texas--Annual SETHSA 2009 Gulf Coast Home Education Conference!
4/24/2009Massachusetts--First Annual New England Catholic Homeschool Conference!
4/24/2009Kansas--Kansas City Conference for Catholic Homeschoolers!
4/24/2009California--Christian Home Educators of Fresno Area Convention
4/20/2009HSLDA: Mother's Day Gift Sets Benefit Needy Homeschoolers
4/20/2009Minnesota--Annual Minnesota Catholic Home Education Conference!
4/20/2009Arkansas--Annual Northwest Arkansas Home School Convention!
4/20/2009California--21st Annual SCOPE 2009 Conference and Curriculum Fair!
4/15/2009Kansas and Missouri--Reminder: Midwest Parent Educator Conference!
4/15/2009Important Reminder--HSLDA High School Symposium April 17
4/14/2009North Carolina--25th Annual NCHE 2009 Conference & Bookfair!
4/13/2009HSLDA: Cookbook can stretch your dollars: try this free recipe!
4/9/2009HSLDA: Mike Farris on Huckabee Show
4/6/2009Arkansas--The Education Alliance's Annual Home School Convention!
4/6/2009Virginia--2009 Annual REACH Homeschool Convention and Used Book Sale!
4/6/2009Tennessee--Annual Middle Tenn. Home Education Association's Curriculum Fair!
4/6/2009New York--7th Annual Loving Education at Home Homeschool Convention!
4/6/2009Indiana--Fort Wayne Area 25th Annual Home Education Resource Expo!
4/3/2009HSLDA: Introducing H.J. Res. 42
4/2/2009Home School Foundation: Flooding Victims Need Your Support
4/2/2009HSLDA: Picturing America Program Poses No Risk
3/30/2009Texas--Arlington 2009 25th Annual Home School Book Fair!
3/23/2009Florida--Announcing the 2009 Annual South Florida Homeschool Convention!
3/23/2009Washington--2009 Annual Christian Association of Parent Educators Convention!
3/20/2009HSLDA: Parental Rights Amendment Has Fifty-Six Sponsors!
3/12/2009Massachusetts--20th Annual MassHOPE Christian Homeschool Convention!
3/12/2009New Hampshire--Announcing the 2009 Iron Sharpens Iron Men's Conference!
3/12/2009Washington--Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington Conference!
3/12/2009New Jersey--Tenth Annual CHAPLET Catholic Homeschool Conference!
3/11/2009HSLDA: Support Parental Rights and Help Make History
3/9/2009HSLDA: 2009 High School Symposium Nearing Capacity
3/9/2009Kansas--Announcing the 2009 Midwest Parent Educator Conference!
2/27/2009HSLDA Member Benefit: Special Needs Coordinators
2/26/2009HSLDA High School Symposium: Equipped and Encouraged to Teach High School
2/20/2009Spring 2009 Group Quarterly E-zine
2/19/2009West Virginia--Call Delegate Talbott to Stop Unlawful Seizure of Children
2/13/2009Virginia--Announcing the 2009 Valley Home Educators' Dad's Night Out!
2/12/2009Washington--Announcing the 2009 Pacific Northwest Homeschool Conference!
2/12/2009Missouri--Announcing the 2009 Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators' Expo!
2/12/2009Illinois--Association of Peoria Area Christian Home Educators Convention!
2/6/2009North Dakota--Annual Christian Home Educators' State Convention!
2/5/2009HSLDA: Justice Candidate a Threat to Parental Rights
2/2/2009HSLDA: Cookbook Sales Benefit Needy Homeschoolers
2/2/2009Indiana--2009 Annual Southwestern Indian Home Educator's Convention!
2/2/2009Maine--Announcing the 2009 Annual Homeschoolers of Maine Convention!
2/2/2009N.J.-- Gloucester County Christian Home School Association's Winter Workshop!
2/2/2009Colorado--2009 Annual Home Instruction Ministry's Convention!
1/29/2009HSDLA: Will New Consumer Product Regulations Affect You?
1/28/2009HSLDA Member Benefit: Student Contests
1/27/2009Florida--Broward County Cancels Random Portfolio Reviews
1/23/2009Florida--Broward County Homeschoolers Subject to Blanket Portfolio Reviews
1/23/2009Georgia--Central Savannah River Area High School Seminars!
1/13/2009Ohio--Action Needed to Oppose Lakewood Ohio Daytime Curfew