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HSLDA Alerts & Information (General/National)
October 2008

10/30/2008HSLDA: Greetings from Patrick Henry College
10/30/2008Maryland--Announcing HSLDA High School Seminars
10/23/2008HSLDA Member Benefit: Home School Foundation
10/22/2008HSLDA: Championship Moot Court Team Needs Help With Travel
10/20/2008Ohio--No More Calls Needed to Akron City Council
10/20/2008HSLDA: Register for Free Art from National Endowment for the Humanities
10/20/2008Maryland--HSLDA Presents High School Seminar
10/20/2008Ohio--Proposed Scholarship Excludes Homeschoolers From Eligibility
10/17/2008HSF: Help Homeschoolers Through Government Employee Charity Programs
10/10/2008HSLDA: Students Can Help Influence the Direction of our Nation!
10/9/2008HSLDA: Update on Costly Federal Early Education Spending Bill
10/3/2008HSLDA: Make Sure You Are Registered to Vote