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HSLDA Alerts & Information (General/National)

12/15/2008New York--Announcing the 2009 High School Symposium
12/11/2008HSLDA: Job Opening at Patrick Henry College
11/24/2008HSLDA: Special Year-end Offer to Our Friends
11/21/2008HSLDA--Christmas Gift Guide
11/21/2008HSLDA: Deadline Approaching for Nationwide Homeschool Academic Study
11/17/2008HSLDA: Invitation to Participate in Nationwide Homeschool Academic Study
11/12/2008HSLDA: What Can We Expect under an Obama Administration?
10/30/2008HSLDA: Greetings from Patrick Henry College
10/30/2008Maryland--Announcing HSLDA High School Seminars
10/23/2008HSLDA Member Benefit: Home School Foundation
10/22/2008HSLDA: Championship Moot Court Team Needs Help With Travel
10/20/2008Ohio--No More Calls Needed to Akron City Council
10/20/2008HSLDA: Register for Free Art from National Endowment for the Humanities
10/20/2008Maryland--HSLDA Presents High School Seminar
10/20/2008Ohio--Proposed Scholarship Excludes Homeschoolers From Eligibility
10/17/2008HSF: Help Homeschoolers Through Government Employee Charity Programs
10/10/2008HSLDA: Students Can Help Influence the Direction of our Nation!
10/9/2008HSLDA: Update on Costly Federal Early Education Spending Bill
10/3/2008HSLDA: Make Sure You Are Registered to Vote
9/30/2008Indiana--Announcing the 2008 Map Your Future Event
9/26/2008HSLDA Member Benefit--Save on Services and Products
9/26/2008Indiana--Announcing the 2008 Map Your Future Event
9/25/2008HSLDA: Act Now to Stop Costly Federal Early Education Spending Bill
9/22/2008Home School Foundation: Hurricane Victims Need Your Support
9/18/2008Home School Foundation: Help Available for Hurricane Victims
9/5/2008Home School Foundation: Help Available for Hurricane Victims
8/29/2008HSLDA Member Benefit--Help With High School
8/28/2008Rhode Island: Don't File Notice of Intent Yet
8/18/2008HSLDA and Generation Joshua Launch 2008 Voter Registration Initiative
8/15/2008Texas--Reminder--Announcing the 2008 Annual THEN Conference
8/15/2008Texas--Reminder--Announcing the 2008 Annual THEN Conference
8/13/2008West Virginia: Education Official Seeks More Information Than Law Requires
8/11/2008Congress: Opportunity to Visit the Floor of the House
8/6/2008Congress: Invitation to Homeschoolers to Join Historic Event
8/5/2008HSLDA: Survey Responses Needed Soon
7/31/2008HSLDA Member Benefit: Save on New Curriculum
7/17/2008HSLDA--Help Us Celebrate 25 Years of Serving Homeschoolers
7/11/2008HSLDA--Favorable Development in the California Homeschooling Case
6/27/2008HSLDA Benefit of the Month: Curriculum Market
6/26/2008Georgia--Announcing the 2008 Annual Southeast Homeschool Expo
6/26/2008Maryland--Announcing the 2008 Annual Catholic Family Expo
6/25/2008HSLDA--Local Candidates Sought for Job Openings
6/25/2008HSLDA--Keep Praying for the California Case
6/16/2008HSLDA--Help Mike Farris Prepare for California Case
6/3/2008Florida--Annual H.E.R.I Curriculum Convention and Leadership Conference
6/3/2008Kentucky--18th Annual Christian Home Educators of Kentucky Conference
6/3/2008Virginia--5th Annual Northern Virginia Home Education Conference
5/29/2008HSLDA: Register Now for Fall Constitutional Law Online
5/29/2008Texas--North Texas Home Educators Network Conference and Bookfair
5/28/2008Ohio--Four Weeks Until the Christian Home Educators Convention
5/23/2008Ohio--24th Annual Christian Home Educators of Ohio Convention
5/22/2008Tennessee--Smoky Mountain Home Education Association Family Resource Fair
5/22/2008Register Now for Generation Joshua Summer Camp
5/15/2008Ohio--Announcing the 24th Annual Christian Home Educators of Ohio Convention
5/14/2008South Carolina--Annual Home Educators Association Conference
5/14/2008Oregon--14th Annual Oregon Christian Home Education Conference
5/14/2008Tennessee--Annual Memphis-Area Education Association Curriculum Fair
5/14/2008Connecticut--Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers Convention
5/9/2008Florida: Miami-Dade County Schools Sends Misinformation
5/2/2008Arkansas--Join Us in Springdale, May 9 & 10!
5/1/2008Pennsylvania--South Eastern Area Christian Homeschoolers of Pa. Conference
5/1/2008Kansas--2008 Kansas City Conference for Catholic Homeschoolers
5/1/2008West Virginia--Annual Eastern Panhandle Home School Conference
5/1/2008Colorado--2008 Annual Christian Home Educators of Colorado Conference
4/30/2008Illinois--2008 Annual Illinois Christian Home Educators Conference
4/30/2008Indiana--Annual Indianapolis Catholic Home School Conference
4/30/2008Virginia--Annual Home Educators Association of Virginia Convention
4/29/2008HSLDA--Financial Literacy Challenge Includes Scholarship Offer
4/25/2008HSLDA: Help Make New Homeschool Study a Success in your State
4/23/2008Kansas--Announcing the 2008 Annual Teaching Parent's Association Conference
4/23/2008Wisconsin--Annual Wisconsin Christian Home Educators Association Conference
4/23/2008N.J.--Education Network for Christian Home-schoolers of New Jersey Convention
4/23/2008Minnesota--Annual Minnesota Catholic Home Education Conference
4/9/2008North Carolina--North Carolinians for Home Education Conference and Bookfair
4/8/2008Illinois--Catholic Homeschool Conference and Vendor Fair
4/7/2008Virginia--Announcing the 2008 Annual REACH Homeschool Convention
4/7/2008New Hampshire--Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire Convention
4/4/2008Arkansas--Announcing the 2008 Annual Education Alliance Convention
4/4/2008Tennessee--Annual Middle Tennessee Home Education Association Curriculum Fair
4/4/2008Indiana--Annual Fort Wayne Area Home Schools Resources Expo
4/4/2008Ohio--Announcing the 4th Annual Dayton Catholic Homeschool Conference
3/27/2008Texas--Announcing the 24th Annual Arlington Texas Home School Book Fair
3/26/2008California--Court of Appeal Grants Petition for Re-hearing
3/26/2008Alabama--Christian Home Education Fellowship of Alabama Conference
3/26/2008Arkansas--2008 Annual Northwest Arkansas Home School Convention
3/26/2008Pennsylvania--Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania Convention
3/26/2008California--Announcing the 24th Annual Christian Family Schools Conference
3/24/2008Massachusetts--Home School Organization of Parent Educators Convention
3/24/2008Missouri--2008 Annual Southwest Home Education Ministry Conference
3/19/2008Georgia--22nd Annual Georgia Home Education Association Convention
3/19/2008New York--6th Annual Long Island New York City Home School Conference
3/10/2008Rhode Island-- 2008 Annual Rhode Island Guild of Home Teachers Conference
3/10/2008Nebraska--2008 Annual Nebraska Christian Home Educators Association Conference
3/10/2008Maryland-- 2008 Annual Maryland State Homeschool Curriculum Fair
3/10/2008Indiana--23rd Annual Indiana Association of Home Educators Convention
3/10/2008Missouri--2008 Annual Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators Expo
3/10/2008Washington--Christian Heritage Home Educators of Washington Conference
3/10/2008California--22nd Annual Christian Home Educators Bay Area Convention
3/10/2008Illinois--Annual Association of Peoria Area Christian Home Educators Convention
3/6/2008Dobson Joins Fight to Defend Homeschool Freedom in California
2/28/2008Louisiana--Roman Catholic Homeschool Association of Louisiana Convention
2/15/2008HSLDA: Focus on the Family Features Michael and Vickie Farris
2/15/2008Subject: Focus on the Family Features Michael and Vickie Farris
2/15/2008HSLDA: Focus on the Family Features Michael and Vickie Farris
2/14/2008Colorado--Announcing the 2008 Annual Home Instruction Ministries Education Show
2/14/2008Ohio: Your Efforts Made a Difference--City Council Drops Daytime Curfew
2/14/2008HSLDA--Register Now for PHC Summer Teen Camps
2/14/2008HSF--Help Available for Tornado Recovery
2/12/2008Ohio--Attend Elyria City Council Committee Meeting to Oppose Daytime Curfew
2/8/2008HSLDA 25th Anniversary: Celebrate With Us!
2/7/2008From the Desk of Mike Farris
2/6/2008UTAH--Announcing the 2008 Annual Utah Christian Home School Convention
2/6/2008Maine--Announcing the 2008 Annual Homeschoolers of Maine Convention
1/30/2008Virginia--Gloucester County Sends Unauthorized 'Survey'
1/18/2008Tennessee--Announcing the 2nd Annual Tri-Cities Midwinter Homeschool Convention
1/14/2008Ohio--Attend North Royalton City Council Meeting to Oppose Daytime Curfew
1/14/2008HSLDA: 2008 Art Contest Deadline Approaching
1/8/2008HSLDA: Deadline Extended for Spring Constitutional Law Online