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HSLDA Alerts & Information (General/National)
April 2007

4/25/2007North Carolina--23rd Annual North Carolinians For Home Education Conference
4/25/2007Florida--2007 Florida Parent-Educators Association Homeschool Convention
4/25/2007Illinois--Announcing 2007 Annual Illinois Christian Home Educators Convention
4/18/2007Arkansas--2007 Annual Education Alliance Home School Convention
4/18/2007Wyoming--Announcing the 2007 Annual Homeschoolers Of Wyoming Conference
4/18/2007Tennessee--Annual Middle Tennessee Home Education Association Curriculum Fair
4/18/2007Mississippi-- 2007 Annual Mississippi Home Educators Association Conference
4/18/2007Texas--17th Annual FEAST Home School Convention and Curriculum Fair
4/17/2007Virginia: Guidance Concerning Frederick County 'Child Find' Letter
4/16/2007HSLDA: Two Job Openings
4/10/2007California-- 23rd Annual Christian Family Schools Expo Homeschool Convention
4/10/2007Pennsylvania-- Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania Convention
4/10/2007Texas--Announcing the 23rd Annual Arlington Home School Book Fair
4/10/2007Virginia--Tidewater Educators Association for Christian Homeschooling Expo
4/4/2007HSLDA: Register now for the Generation Joshua Summer Camp
4/3/2007New York--5th Annual Long Island New York City Home School Convention
4/3/2007Georgia-- 21st Annual Georgia Home Education Association Conference
4/3/2007Michigan--Announcing the 24th Annual Michigan Home Educators Convention
4/3/2007Oklahoma--2007 Annual Christian Home Educator's Consociation Convention