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HSLDA Alerts & Information (General/National)

12/20/2007HSLDA: Technology Services Job Openings
12/19/2007Michigan--Announcing the 2007 Annual Mid-Winter Home Educators Conference
12/17/2007Patrick Henry College Offers Youth Music Academy
12/10/2007HSLDA: Still Room to Register for Spring Constitutional Law Online
11/21/2007HSLDA: Keep Blessing Homeschoolers When You Shop
11/15/2007Kansas--Community College To Correct Erroneous Admissions-Financial Aid Info
11/13/2007HSLDA: Register Now for Spring Constitutional Law Online
11/12/2007HSLDA--Emails to Romania have impact
11/9/2007HSLDA--Urgent Email needed for Romanian Homeschoolers
11/7/2007HSLDA--Mail Center Assistant Position Available
11/7/2007Illinois: Radio Broadcast Spotlights HSLDA Chairman's New Book
11/2/2007Texas: Radio Broadcast Spotlights HSLDA Chairman's New Book
10/29/2007New Mexico: Radio Broadcast Spotlights HSLDA Chairman's New Book
10/29/2007HSLDA: Essay Contest Deadline Extended!
10/22/2007Texas: Waco Daytime Curfew Meeting Postponed to October 25!
10/22/2007HSLDA: Worldview Symposium with Michael Farris
10/19/2007HSLDA--Worldview Symposium with Michael Farris
10/16/2007California: Radio Broadcast Spotlights HSLDA Chairman's New Book
10/12/2007HSLDA: Get 1 year of WORLD for only $29.95!
10/11/2007HSLDA: Register Now for Worldview Symposium with Mike Farris
9/21/2007HSLDA: Military, Federal Workers Can Benefit Homeschoolers
9/14/2007Texas: Oppose a Waco Daytime Curfew!
9/14/2007Texas--Victory in Harris County!
8/28/2007Texas: Oppose the Harris County Daytime Curfew
8/21/2007Indiana--Foundation for Home Schooling College and Career Prep Event
8/15/2007HSLDA--Help Us Make an Anniversary DVD
8/3/2007Virginia--Virginia Beach Withdraws Course Content Description Demand
7/31/2007HSLDA--Member Discount for PHC Distance Learning
7/30/2007HSLDA--Job Opening Available
7/20/2007HSLDA--Learn Constitutional Law with Michael Farris
7/17/2007Texas--North Texas Home Educators Summer Conference & Bookfair
7/17/2007Virginia--Announcing the 2007 Tri-City Home Educators Support Group
7/11/2007HSLDA--Several Job Openings Available
7/10/2007California--Announcing the 2007 Tri-Counties Home Educators Network Conference
7/3/2007Florida: Announcing the 2007 Annual Northwest Florida Home School Convention
7/3/2007Georgia--Announcing the 2007 Annual Southeast Georgia HEEA Expo
7/3/2007Washington: Announcing the 2007 Annual WATCH Conference
6/19/2007Tennessee--Announcing the 25th Annual CSTHEA Curriculum Fair
6/19/2007Arizona--Arizona Families for Home Education Convention and Curriculum Fair
6/14/2007Tennessee--Annual West Tennessee Home Education Association Curricula Fair
6/12/2007Kentucky--Annual Christian Home Educators of Kentucky Conference
6/12/2007Virginia--Announcing the 2007 Annual North Virginia Home Education Conference
6/12/2007Florida--Annual Home Education Resource and Information Conference
6/12/2007Louisiana--Announcing the 2007 Christian Home Educators Fellowship Conference
6/12/2007California--Annual Christian Home Educators Association Convention
5/30/2007Oregon--2007 Annual Oregon Christian Home Education Curriculum Show
5/30/2007Maryland--Announcing the 2007 Annual Catholic Family Expo
5/30/2007Tennessee--Smoky Mountain Home Education Association Family Resource Fair
5/30/2007Alabama--Annual Christian Home Education Fellowship of Alabama Convention
5/30/2007Nevada--Announcing the 2007 Annual Southern Nevada Home School Convention
5/29/2007Arkansas--First-Ever Northwest Arkansas Homeschool Convention
5/22/2007HSLDA: Final Vote on Federal Lobbying Reform Bill on Thursday
5/21/2007Colorado--8th Annual Rocky Mountain Catholic Home Educators Conference
5/21/2007Texas--Christian Home Education Association of Central Texas Convention
5/21/2007Ohio--Announcing the 23rd Annual Christian Home Educators of Ohio Convention
5/16/2007Montana--Montana State-Wide Home Educators Convention and Curriculum Fair
5/16/2007HSLDA: More Calls Needed to Protect Grassroots Lobbying
5/15/2007Pennsylvania--SouthEastern Area Christian Homeschoolers of Pennsylvania
5/15/2007South Carolina--2007 Annual South Carolina Home Educators Convention
5/15/2007Colorado--Annual Christian Home Educators of Colorado Family Conference
5/15/2007Washington--Annual Washington Homeschool Organization Convention
5/11/2007HSLDA: Calls Needed Protect Grassroots Lobbying from Federal Control
5/9/2007Texas--Announcing the 21st Annual Gulf Coast Home Education Conference
5/9/2007Iowa--15th Annual Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators Convention
5/9/2007Tennessee--21st Annual Memphis-Area Home Educators Association Conference
5/9/2007Virginia--24th Home Educators Association of Virginia Convention
5/9/2007Idaho--2007 Annual Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State Convention
5/9/2007West Virginia--2007 Christian Home Educators of West Virginia Conference
5/9/2007California--Annual Christian Home Educators of Fresno Area Convention
5/9/2007Connecticut--Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers Convention
5/2/2007Wisconsin--2007 Wisconsin Christian Home Educators Association Convention
5/2/2007California--Sacramento Christian Organization of Parent Educators Conference
5/2/2007Minnesota-- Minnesota Catholic Home Educators Conference and Curriculum Fair
5/2/2007Kansas--Announcing the 2007 Annual Teaching Parent Association Convention
4/25/2007North Carolina--23rd Annual North Carolinians For Home Education Conference
4/25/2007Florida--2007 Florida Parent-Educators Association Homeschool Convention
4/25/2007Illinois--Announcing 2007 Annual Illinois Christian Home Educators Convention
4/18/2007Arkansas--2007 Annual Education Alliance Home School Convention
4/18/2007Wyoming--Announcing the 2007 Annual Homeschoolers Of Wyoming Conference
4/18/2007Tennessee--Annual Middle Tennessee Home Education Association Curriculum Fair
4/18/2007Mississippi-- 2007 Annual Mississippi Home Educators Association Conference
4/18/2007Texas--17th Annual FEAST Home School Convention and Curriculum Fair
4/17/2007Virginia: Guidance Concerning Frederick County 'Child Find' Letter
4/16/2007HSLDA: Two Job Openings
4/10/2007California-- 23rd Annual Christian Family Schools Expo Homeschool Convention
4/10/2007Pennsylvania-- Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania Convention
4/10/2007Texas--Announcing the 23rd Annual Arlington Home School Book Fair
4/10/2007Virginia--Tidewater Educators Association for Christian Homeschooling Expo
4/4/2007HSLDA: Register now for the Generation Joshua Summer Camp
4/3/2007New York--5th Annual Long Island New York City Home School Convention
4/3/2007Georgia-- 21st Annual Georgia Home Education Association Conference
4/3/2007Michigan--Announcing the 24th Annual Michigan Home Educators Convention
4/3/2007Oklahoma--2007 Annual Christian Home Educator's Consociation Convention
3/30/2007HSLDA: Homeschooling Needs You!
3/29/2007Massachusetts--Homeschool Organization of Parent Educators Convention
3/27/2007Missouri--2007 Annual Southwest Missouri Home Educators Convention
3/27/2007California--21st Annual Christian Home Educators Bay Area Convention
3/21/2007Maryland--Announcing the 2007 Annual Maryland State Home School Curriculum Fair
3/21/2007Maine--Announcing the 17th Annual Homeschoolers of Maine Convention
3/21/2007New Mexico-- Christian Association of Parent Educators New Mexico Convention
3/21/2007Alaska--2007 Annual Alaska Private and Home Educators Association Convention
3/21/2007Kansas--Announcing the 2007 Annual Midwest Parent Educators Convention
3/14/2007New Hampshire--2007 Annual Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire Convention
3/14/2007Washington--2nd Annual Christian Heritage State Home School Conference
3/14/2007North Carolina--Announcing the 2007 Catholic Family Expo
3/14/2007Illinois--18th Annual Heart of Illinois Convention of Home Educators
3/14/2007Florida--Announcing the 2007 Annual North Central Florida Home School Fair
3/12/2007HSLDA's Group E-zine: March, 2007
2/28/2007Nebraska--2007 Annual Nebraska Christian Home Educators Convention
2/27/2007South Carolina--Announcing the 2007 Anderson Home School Association Convention
2/27/2007Louisiana--Roman Catholic Homeschool Association's 2007 Conference
2/27/2007Missouri--Announcing the 2007 Annual Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators Expo
2/21/2007HSLDA--Movie Illustrates How One Man Can Make a Difference
2/7/2007Florida--Announcing the 2007 Annual Coastal Florida Curriculum Fair
2/6/2007HSLDA: Hosts Needed for Patrick Henry College Event in Atlanta
2/6/2007Indiana: Announcing the Michiana Christian Home Educators conference
1/31/2007NCHE--Attend the Congressional Action Program (CAP) Lobby Training Day
1/30/2007North Dakota--Announcing the 19th Annual North Dakota Home Educators Convention
1/30/2007HSLDA: Register Now for Homeschool Support Group Seminar
1/23/2007HSLDA--Mail Center Assistant Position Open
1/19/2007Rhode Island--Warwick Policy Improves Greatly with Homeschool Family Input
1/19/2007HSLDA: Victory for Grassroots Lobbying--Bennett Amendment Passes Senate
1/16/2007Virginia--HSLDA Attorney to Speak at Home Front Educator's Meeting
1/11/2007HSLDA--Victory for Homeschoolers in France
1/11/2007HSLDA: Urgent Calls Needed to Protect Grassroots Lobbying from Federal Control
1/9/2007HSLDA--French Homeschoolers Need Your Help Immediately!
1/8/2007Rhode Island--West Warwick Retreats from Time-on-Subject Demand
1/5/2007HSLDA--Deadline Extended for Constitutional Law Course with Michael Farris