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HSLDA Alerts & Information (General/National)
May 2006

5/18/2006HSHeartbeat: Too Little Time-Adjusting Your Perspective
5/17/2006Connecticut--Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers Convention
5/16/2006Colorado--Announcing the 22nd Annual Colorado State Home School Conference
5/16/2006South Carolina--2006 Annual South Carolina Home Educators Convention
5/16/2006Washington--21st Annual Washington Homeschool Organizations State Convention
5/15/2006HSLDA--Volunteers Needed for Debate Tournament
5/12/2006Kentucky--Announcing the 2006 Annual Kentucky Home School Conference and Book Fa
5/10/2006HEAV--23rd Annual Home Educators Association of Virginia State Convention
5/10/2006Iowa--The 14th Annual Home Educators Conference and Curriculum Fair
5/10/2006Oregon--2006 Annual Southern Oregon Regional Home School Conference
5/10/2006Connecticut--2006 Annual Christian Homeschoolers of Connecticut Convention
5/10/2006California--21st Annual Christian Home Educators of the Fresno Area Convention
5/9/2006Maryland--Request Violates Constitutional Freedom
5/5/2006Rhode Island--Word of Caution on Interviews
5/5/2006HSLDA--Membership Coordinator Needed
5/4/2006New York--The 22nd Annual New York Home Education and Family Conference
5/4/2006Kansas--The 2006 Annual Teaching Parents Association Homeschool Convention
5/4/2006Tennessee--20th Annual Memphis Home Educators Association Conference
5/4/2006Minnesota--7th Annual Minnesota Catholic Home Education Conference
5/4/2006California--Sacramento Christian Organization of Parent Educators Conference
5/3/2006Ohio--Homeschoolers Win Daytime Curfew Battle!
5/1/2006Ohio--Calls Needed to Stop Daytime Curfew Ordinance
5/1/2006Join HSLDA for Free--and Defend Parent's Rights