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HSLDA Alerts & Information (General/National)

12/17/2003Constitutional Law Symposium with Mike Farris
12/9/2003Member discount available for PHC Distance Learning courses
12/3/2003ConLaw Online with Mike Farris begins January 12, 2004
11/19/2003Update - The Netherlands Still Needs our Help To Legalize Homeschooling
11/17/2003Invitation for HSLDA Members and Friends
10/24/2003Urgent Alert--The Netherlands Needs Your Help Immediately To Legalize Home Schooling
10/23/2003Socialization Myth Debunked
10/17/2003HSLDA sends letter to Presidents of CBS and Viacom
10/15/2003CBS Attacks "Homeschooling"
10/14/2003CBS Attacks "Homeschooling"
10/1/2003Immediate Reply Needed
8/27/2003An Opportunity to Help HSLDA Members and Patrick Henry College...
8/20/2003ConLaw Online with Mike Farris begins September 2, 2003
7/22/2003Calls needed on H.R. 2732, the Homeschool Non-Discrimination Act
7/10/2003HSLDA Members Receive Discount on PHC Distance Learning
6/6/2003National Alert Update--U.S. Homeschoolers Help Persecuted Families in Ukraine
5/21/2003National Alert--Homeschoolers in Romania Need Your Help
5/16/2003Fox News Interview Rescheduled
5/15/2003Scott Somerville on Fox News - Friday, May 16
4/7/2003Discount for PHC Teen Camps Ends April 15, 2003
4/2/2003Please Pray for Homeschooled Troops in Iraq
3/26/2003National Alert--Ukrainian Homeschoolers Desperately Need Our Help
3/13/2003Last Chance to Participate in Online Survey
3/7/2003National Alert--Update On Estrada Nomination, More Calls Needed
3/5/2003National Alert--Senate Must Allow Vote on Estrada Nomination
2/13/2003Adults Who Were Homeschooled Needed for New Research
1/10/2003Legislative Season Is Off And Running