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8/31/2018Form A Has Been Corrected
8/29/2018What to Do About Errors on State’s Form A
7/25/2018Update on PED Form Situation
7/24/2018Reminder: Homeschool Affidavit Due August 1
7/19/2018Notice Due, New Form Available, Sports-Activities Update & Correction
6/27/2018Everyone Urged to Mail in PED Notice Form
6/22/2018Using State’s Notice of Intent Form No Longer Mandatory—And All the Other New Rules!
6/13/2018Reminder—Evaluator Certification Due June 30
5/25/2018Yellville-Summit Virtual Program: Kids and Parents Lose
5/18/2018New Tragedy Could Revive Criticism of Homeschooling
5/3/2018Please Come and Support Parent-Taught Driver’s Education Bill
4/26/2018AB 2756 Failed in Committee!
4/23/2018Phone Calls Needed to Committee on AB 2756
4/20/2018Please Support Parent-Taught Driver’s Education Bill
4/13/2018Bill Targets Private Homeschools for More Information, More Regulation
4/12/2018SF 3335 Update
4/11/2018Cabot’s Daytime Curfew: What You Need to Know
4/11/2018Homeschool Legislative Day at the Capitol is a Week Away on April 17
4/2/2018Children Can Now Attend a Private School by Staying Home (But Read the Fine Print)
3/28/2018Help Protect Homeschooling Families from New Bill Proposing More Regulations
3/28/20185 Senators Change Vote and Kill Scholarship Fairness Bill
3/23/2018Action Needed Today to Override Governor’s Veto!
3/22/2018Last Chance to Stop ACT Score Discrimination in Opportunity Scholarship
3/20/2018Legislators Hint at Changing Education Bill—Keep Calling!
3/20/2018Take Action to Oppose Expanding the Compulsory School Attendance Age
3/15/2018Help Protect Homeschooling Families from Annual Fire Inspections
3/15/2018Help Protect Privacy—Email Today
3/12/2018Action Needed to Defend Homeschool Freedom
3/12/2018Important Update—Turner says “No Hearing on HB 1798”
3/9/2018Come to THEA’s 2018 Rally Day in Nashville
3/9/2018Maryland: Action Needed to Defeat Dangerous Bill
3/8/2018Email now to secure tolerance towards college-bound homeschoolers!
3/8/2018Bill Would Dramatically Change Homeschooling—Call Now!
3/7/2018Victory for Homeschool Freedom!
3/5/2018Lennox Seeks Testing Plans Without Authorization
3/4/2018Stand for Freedom: Oppose Massive Government Expansion into Education
3/1/2018Help Protect Privacy—Call Today
3/1/2018SB 319 Promise Scholarship Bill Moving Ahead!
3/1/2018Legislators Pledge to Protect Umbrella Schools
2/26/2018To the Finish Line: Driver Eligibility Up for House Vote
2/26/2018Contact Committee Members Now: Level the Playing Field!
2/23/2018Help Needed Today to Stop Discrimination against Homeschoolers
2/23/2018Action Needed! Help Us Protect the “Umbrella” Homeschool Option
2/21/2018Act Now to Stop Scholarship Discrimination
2/21/2018Good News . . . Now Let’s Keep the Momentum Going!
2/20/2018Take Action to Support Parental Rights!
2/19/2018Action Needed—Government Seeks Greater Control with Massive Education Agency
2/19/2018“Fire Inspection” Bill Threatens Private Homeschooling
2/15/2018Major Victory: SB 2323 Sponsor Asks for Bill to be Withdrawn
2/15/2018South Dakota: Legislative Battles Lost for Now
2/14/2018Contact Your Senator Now: Level the Playing Field!
2/12/2018Help Needed Urgently For Homeschoolers to Try Out for Teams
2/12/2018SB 2323: Sign the Petition!
2/12/2018Contact Finance Committee Members Now: Level the Playing Field!
2/9/2018SB 2323 Scheduled for Valentine’s Day Hearing: Act Now
2/9/2018More Action Needed: Email Senate Finance on Promise Bill
2/8/2018Urgent Action Needed: Fairness for Homeschooled Graduates
2/6/2018Drive On: Driver Eligibility Now in House of Delegates
2/5/2018CHEK Homeschool Day at the Capitol is Friday, February 9! Bring Your Family!
2/5/2018Action Needed to Expand Driver’s Ed Options
2/5/2018Help Restore Parental Decisions for 5- and 6-Year-Olds
2/2/2018Committee Needs to Hear from You Now: Fairness for Homeschooled Graduates
1/31/2018Oklahoma-OCHEC Capitol Day is Tuesday. Bring Your Family and Support Homeschooling!
1/30/2018Urgent Action Today: Fairness for Homeschooled Graduates
1/29/2018Red Alert (Not a Drill): Three Bills would require Approval, Criminal Background Checks
1/29/2018Let 'em Drive
1/29/2018Wow! Your Response to HB 1263 was Amazing.
1/29/2018Take Action to Protect Homeschooling Families from Government Intrusion
1/29/2018Update: Compulsory Attendance Vote Tomorrow
1/24/2018Important Location Change!
1/24/2018Help an ECOT Family Stay on the Homeschool Path
1/23/2018Coming to Concord Thursday? Here’s How to Prepare.
1/23/2018Continue Calls, Emails to Protect Homeschool Parents with Disabilities
1/22/2018Call, Email Now to Protect Homeschool Parents with Disabilities
1/22/2018We Need You in Concord Thursday
1/19/2018Bill to Create New Vaccination Mandate
1/18/2018Homeschooling Under Fire: Should Regulations Increase?
1/18/2018Come to Concord Thursday to Speak Out for Freedom
1/17/2018Please Come to Albany on Monday! We Need You at Board of Regents Meeting!
1/17/2018Freedom Update—Possible Threat Looming
1/16/2018Governor Christie Ends One Threat to Homeschool Freedom!
1/12/2018Correction, Update on Bill Threatening Homeschool Freedom
1/12/2018Come to the Capitol—Legislation is Moving Already!
1/12/2018Coming Up: Meet Your Legislator Day!
1/11/2018Attend Hearing to Defend Homeschool Freedom!
1/10/2018Call Now to Stop Education Department from Controlling Homeschooling
1/8/2018Hearing Wednesday on Constitutional Amendment to Protect Family!
1/5/2018New PED Policy Opens Door to More Restrictions
1/5/2018Adoption Subsidies Don’t Change Your Education Rights
1/3/2018Please Act Now to Help Modernize New York’s Homeschool Regulations!